Sunday, March 23, 2008

A retraction

So, after coming home and reading this post, dh felt that I was not very clear about the fact that I was just joking.
So, here's my retraction:
C does not think this about me. He freely offers me chocolate in the evenings and frequently buys me bars of the finest chocolates around. He also thinks I am a beautiful woman. He likes to gaze upon my beauty. I'm a lucky girl.
I stand by the fact that he prefers it when I don something other than flannel pants, though. And really, who can argue.

If I tell myself that the chocolate may not be good for my hips once in awhile, it may do me good. Antioxidants aside.


Brightonwoman said...

chocolate is good for your mental health. And in an effort to achieve balance (mental-spiritual-physical) I would say that it's definitely a health food.
Of course, ya gotta get the good stuff. Life is too short for cheap chocolate.

RasJane said...

I agree. I'm so spoiled by the good stuff. And a man who buys me the good stuff!