Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have a 3year old

Friday was G's 3rd birthday. We celebrated on Saturday with Aunt J. No cake and candle pictures as G hates that. He did have cake, we just don't sing to him. Go figure.
C and I decided to buy him a new bike. So C took him down to the bkie shop to try them out for size. Apparently the salesman helped him pick one out and G promptly got on and rode it around the store. With training wheels, but the salesman was impressed. So was I when G took off down the sidewalk when he got it!

I don't know if he trusted that there would be anything good in this box after a couple of presents containing clothes.

Just when he thought the presents were all opened, we told him to open the door.

Watch me , Mom! Watch Me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More pictures

The three little men. Only, two of them don't look so little do they?
Golly, it's hard work, all that eating!
Oh, no, a nursing picture. Fortunately this isn't Myspace! But, here's his eyes.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Road trip

The great thing about going all the way to Utah to get a brother is that you get to stop at Grandma and Grandpa's house on the way. Plus there are other things to do on that 400 mile trip across Oregon.

Grandpa (Papa Coyote) is great a playing cars. And I'm glad I have this picture of G with his "lovey". He is always draping it over his head, around his neck, across his face...

Arlington is a smart little town. They built a playground, big park and walkway over the water. It's the perfect spot to stop and let the kids run around for awhile. Here, my guys are looking for fish. They were jumping occasionally. M was wishing he had his fishing gear. Later we saw a train go by. It was so close. G was mesmerized.

We brought along an mp3 player for M to listen to audio books. We figured if he had some, G would want some. Sure enough. He didn't want them plugged into anything, just wanted to wear them and look super cool.

Can you believe that this was my tiny baby? He still is so stinkin cute.

Sometimes you get to see your cousin at Grandma and Grandpa's. Playing with a little girl is kind of a new one for my boys. Good thing they have her for a cousin. Doesn't look like we're getting any girls around here any time soon! Sorry, Mom. Maybe you can talk someone else into having girls you can sew for.

Here's another picture of E. He loves Daddy. Doesn't he look so tiny on Dad's chest?

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


You asked, I deliver. ;)

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Friday, September 14, 2007

He's Here!

We have our new addition. All went pretty well, I even kept my mouth fairly shut through the hospital craziness and wacko attitude towards birth. Both baby and mom did great. It was great to see S again and spend some time with her. She is so awesome.
We signed placement papers on the 12th and took baby out of hospital the 13th. He is nursing great and is such a peaceful baby. He doesn't seem to be all that interested in opening his eyes for us much though. We are just enjoying him so much and getting to know him. As well as trying to come up with a name for him.
Thanks to eveyone for all your prayers and good thoughts.

Friday, September 07, 2007

We're on our way

Leaving town today. Thought I'd just let everyone know we're still on. I promise to post as soon as I have net access and a baby. If I have your #, I'll call you with news. I can't wait to post pictures of the little guy if and when he's in our arms. Hopefully, if all goes well, that should be around the 13th of Sept.
Hugs to all

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It would seem that....

Dinner did turn out okay. I was right on the portions. I do loooove kale. Oh! That's not what you wanted to know, was it?
S has decided to go ahead and place with us. So travel is on. We leave here Friday and stay Saturday in Weiser, then travel on to SLC. 'K, Mom? Baby is due to be induced on Tuesday. I really, really hope this really does turn out. I've been up and down so much, I think I'm a bit reluctant to really celebrate. But I do feel a bit better. At least I can pack with some confidence. I know we are definitely going.
No, I don't have any names picked out. I was going to discuss that with birthmom and wait and see. After all, he can go about 6 months without a name. He only needs one when they make up the new birth certificate at finalization. G didn't have his middle name until then. But, we'll probably come up with something to call him before that point. Hey You just doesn't sound very good does it? Actually, I've been referring to him as Whatsisname. Not so good either.
Thanks again for all your love, everyone. We'll continue to keep you posted. Except when we don't have any 'net access that is.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And the news is....

Nothing, no news. Sorry. Sucks for me too.
I just got off the phone with our social worker. She said that birthmom's social worker has an appointment with her tomorrow night at 7. We'll hopefully find out something late tomorrow. Maybe we won't know anything until she officially signs the TPR (termination of parental rights).

So, here I sit wondering if I should start packing or not. Maybe I should. But should I call the hotel and change the reservation? Maybe I'll wait on that one.
Should I make dinner? Yeah, definately. Question is, what? It's so tempting to dip into the freezer meal-a-thon, but I remember what it's like to try to cook dinner with a new babe. Hmmm, chicken and rice? Boring and over-used, but it works. Yeah, with fresh kale from the garden. Maybe a big plate of steamy kale with a little chicken and rice for seasoning. M will have chicken with a little rice and 1 teeny weeny bit of kale just to say he really did eat some. How is this my child? G of course will just have rice. With buttuh, and toy tauce. C will, WILL get over his cold.

Trying to be positive

G starting an apparent fitness kick. Like he needs to burn more energy.

"Can I drive, Mom?" "Sure honey, just don't scratch the paint!"

My new and improved diaper pattern. PUL on the outside, flannel on the inside. The center soaker is just like my polar fleece diapers. These are a size small.

This has been the hardest labor day weekend in memory. Ugh. At least we (that is C and a fabulous coworker of his) got the garage cleaned. I mean, just look! We can fit our car and everything in there and still have room to roam. I went out there yesterday just to look. He's amazing.
I also went through all the kids clothes and sent 4 garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill. Yeah, I coulda had a yard sale, or sold them on Craiglist or something, but that would have taken more time and motivation. And I have very little motivation right now.
Still waiting for a phone call with news. I am nervous that the longer it takes to get a phone call, the worse the news is going to be. Or is that just my paranoia? I am looking at the phone, willing it to ring, and checking obsessively for messages. Just in case I didn't hear it ring, or the ringer broke, or I don't know.
But there is some good news. We did break the agency record for homestudy completion. In fact our background checks took only 10 days. They often take 2-3 months. So we have a completed homestudy. Just waiting for a baby to go with it. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers and kinds words. You are all wonderful and I love you so much. I will post news as soon as I have it. Well, after I call C and let him know of course.