Tuesday, August 25, 2009

baby girl

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick, what do the first 2 pictures have in common? YES! They are yet 2 more examples of G taking pictures that include his feet. I think this has been discussed here before. I am far too lazy to go and find those posts. Search for "feet" or something if you must know.

I put in an order to Discount School Supply. I really love their stuff. My kids had fun playing with the new art supplies.
First up is M's Wikki Stix creation. If you have never played with Wikki Stix, then you have indeed had a sorry, empty existence. Not to pass judgement or anything, I'm just sayin'....

I ordered some cool paint bottles. They have brushes instead of rollers or sponges like I've seen on other paint bottles. This allowed E to paint to his heart's content without having to try and figure out why there wasn't anymore paint on his brush. He really just wants the big paint bottles so he can squirt paint when we paint, so this seemed like a good compromise. He is happy with it. See?
Brother couldn't just stand by and watch!And a cute Baby M picture for your viewing pleasure. Can you believe she's 3.5 months already?

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Phrases I never thought would be part of my daily repetoir

starting with my personal favorite....

  • Please don't lick your sister
  • the vacuum needs to stay on the floor
  • I'm sure your butt stinks too
  • It's only pee
  • I have enough pictures of your feet
  • You've had enough bananas
  • You need to eat something besides bananas and noodles
  • Butter is not a food group
  • Go back and wash with the soap AND water
  • It's not ice cream, it's mommy medicine
Seriously. Daily.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Blogger reversed the order of all my pictures and it's too hard to fix 1 handed with a touchpad! Yes, I do all my typing 1 handed. It even has it's own short-hand. NAK--nursing at keyboard. Well, this is me nab--nursing at blueberries. Man, I love wraps!!

E is no dummy. Here he is berry picking. :) Actually he picked from the bushes too. It was so cute. At first, he would wait for me to hand him berries. I guess he didn't get that they were coming off the bushes. So I showed him how to pick from the bush. He smiled. Then I pointed out the huge row we were standing in told him he could pick from any of the bushes here. He grinned and giggled and took off like a mad berry picker. I totally made his day!

My parents took big M for nearly 2 weeks. Go to PapaCoyote's blog for details. When they came back, M went to scout camp and we went berry picking. Here's Papa with his harvest. :)

It's so true that the more kids you have, the fewer pictures you have. Usually my hands are so full taking care of the baby and toddler and keeping the toddler off the baby, I can't possibly manage a camera. Baby M is growing up so fast. She has a beautiful smile. Hger little chatty voice melts my heart completely, and she is so good-natured. She even sleeps really well. Phew, I needed this!
She's growing the yummiest chubs, but still wears 0-3 month clothes. Which is new for me. The boys all grew much, much faster! I have admit that I'm having a lot of fun with her.

The first day we went out with my parents, Dad let G drive the van from his lap around part of the empty Costco parking lot. That was a hoot! So G decided take a dry run on our street. No worries--van was parked safely the whole time. E had to help, of course!


Just a quick note to the universe and then I'll post a bunch of pictures. Promise!

Okay! Quit it with the Wednesdays already!!!!! Can we schedule things on another day? Pretty please? Scouts, park days, church playgroup, husbands home teaching usually falls on Wed. It USED to be our library day. Oh, and Boersma's knitting basket has a fuun knitting get together on Tuesday nights. When you're a mom, that's basically the same as Wednesday.