Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

So long
Can't say I'll miss you.
Yes there were a few highlights. I got a new niece. Yay! And finally got to meet her. She's perfect of course.
We found out we're expecting. Exciting and scary all at the same time. Somedays it doesn't seem like such a good idea, but that is parenthood in general I find.
There were also definite low lights. Times I never want to live through again as long as I live. I suppose we survived and maybe came out stronger-who knows. Time will tell.
And it really doesn't look like we'll be getting the house. The bank is being an obnoxious machine. Fine, whatever.
In 2009 we have things to look forward to.
Meeting our new baby.
The kids getting older.
Possibly looking for another house or maybe experiencing our first major remodel.
I just hope there is more joy in 2009.
*Crossing my fingers*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home sweet Home

My guys in the snow
We finally gave up on waiting for the house to close before going home for Christmas. So we caught a lull between storms and drove down on Friday. It was a bit hairier than we expected, but we did make it. Only had to put on chains once, and very few threats to the kids lives.
It did turn from a normally 7-8 hour trip to an 11 hour trip. E may be a bit traumatized, but should get over it in time for the return trip, right? I did discover that those fruit sticks and cheese puffs from Gerber will get us a few hours. It also makes for some mighty interesting diapers the next day.
We are really grateful to have made it here safely. Our hometown is under a blanket of snow, ice and more snow. Aunt J is snowed in and can't get out to Idaho. She had a flight scheduled for today, but it looks like Christmas day is the soonest she can get out. We will have to play it by ear to see when we can actually get home. There should be a break in the weather by the weekend, allowing us to get through. If worse weather comes through, we are fortunate that C can take more time off work if he really needs to.
The kids are having a great time with PapaCoyote and GrandmaJ. As you can see in the picture, they've all been out in the snow. I, on the other hand, have been perfectly content to stay inside with my knitting and blankets! I can't wait to see if my brother and his family can make it out here tomorrow so I can my hands on my new niece! And my little L too. I am one happy auntie. Just ask me how cute my nieces are. I dare you! :)
E is having fun with all the space to run around, but has apparently decided that letting mom sleep is ridiculous. I finally got him settled down to where he could sleep in the crook of my arm just so by 3:30am last night. And has been running full tilt all day. Argghh! I'm thinking I'm seeing signs of bedtime now though.
Merry Christmas, and happy winter holidays to all! Hope you all are warm and dry in the midst of all these storms.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I promise, I deliver. Eventually.

The stitches. They still look good and fresh in this picture. He proceeded to pop the 2 middle ones and open the wound back up within 36 hours. We taped him back up since they can't redo stitches. Boy that made him mad! He is bandage free again. I think he has maybe one stitch left, but it is mostly healed up. I think it is in that healing and itchy stage now. We'll see if he learned anything at all from this experience. I'm not thinking anything useful. He still climbs on the oven. Maybe the lesson just doesn't cross situations very well. Oh, never mind. I just pulled him off the very same arm of the very same couch. sigh.

Le Belly. This is the 19 week shot. As if I"m keeping up with weekly shots. That was the idea, but apparently you have to be awake. I'm not really in this picture. Once the kids go to bed, I turn into the mommy zombie. My poor husband.

The whole happy family. See, they clean up pretty good, don't they? Our temple has a beautiful atrium where you can have pictures taken. It's so nice and warm and full of tropical plants. It is in the lobby so anyone can go in. If you are ever in Portland, I encourage you to stop in. It is especially enticing this time of year!
Anyway I thought the boys looked so handsome in their white clothes. They got to keep the bow ties. The couple who runs the nursery that is for families who are being sealed is so sweet. She hand sews bowties for all the boys and bibs for all the babies. I have no idea what she does for the girls--not having had that experience!

This is way late, and I apologize, but M's 10th birthday. He is officially a double-digiter! He was pretty excited for this birthday. It was so nice to have grandma and grandpa here too. That's PapaCoyote there next to M. He has been without reliable internet and so hasn't been keeping up his blog. So sad. I miss reading it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun and games

I figure I'll just pop in once a month or so and say hi.

Maybe more than that.

First off, 15 month old children cannot fly. They are surrounded by guardian angels and that is why they do not get hurt more than they do. But they cannot fly.
We just returned from a family outing to the ER. E now has a lovely collection of stitches above his left eye. He was climbing on the couch as usual, playing with the light. He got it on and off (so proud!) and turned just so. He bounced his head back and forth between the arm of the futon and the end table. He screamed. C and I both saw. C got to him first. Not too concerned as he does this a few times a week. But then C asked for help. Apparently the warm wet feeling down the front of his shirt made him feel something was amiss. After mopping up much blood and thinking it looked a bit deep, I threw clothes at everyone so we could head off to our friendly local emergency room.
As soon as E was settled into the car, he calmed right down. I questioned by call to take him in. We decided to go ahead and get it checked. Good thing, as the doc on call took barely a look and proclaimed stitches were definitely in order. I took the older boys out while they wrapped and sewed they poor babe up. The nurse commented on just how strong he is. And introduced herself. Something about getting to know each other over the course of the next few years? I think she likes me. Awwww.

I am still pregnant. And out of the "is she or isn't she" stage. So people now feel comfortable congratulating me. Mostly I feel really good. Very healthy, baby looks good. I have another midwife appt on Tuesday. I really enjoy them. I have an awesome midwife. Which is comforting. I do still have the hip issue. Basically, the way my ligaments are softening is leading to a little too much separation. Walking is getting painful. I cannot lift one leg independent of the other without pain. I move a lot slower. And I take awhile to get upstairs. Hopefully this will go away quickly after the birth. If you know of someone who was in pain forever after birth, I don't want to hear about it. ;)
The baby is getting more active and that is so much fun. C and the boys have even felt kicks. It's real! This one seems to be a bit more mellow. We'll see if the pattern holds. I really need a mellow child. Isn't my turn?

We are still waiting on the house. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Short sales suck. We just got paperwork that extends the closing date to the 23rd of Dec. Not sure I believe anyone will be ready to sign stuff then even. The way the are dragging their feet. C'mon people. I'm offering to BUY the house. As in PAY for it. It won't sit empty. You don't have to risk a foreclosure auction. Just GIVE ME THE HOUSE ALREADY!!!!
Yes, I have an opinion on this. How could you tell?
We have paint and flooring picked out. We have a plan of attack. I just need a house to go with said plan.

To end on a good note, on the 29th of November, we got to take E to the temple to be sealed to us. It was a great day and we are so happy to have all of the adoption stuff (well, almost all) done with. Now we are just a plain ol' eternal family. To read more about what this means to us, you can go here.

As soon as I find the camera, I'll post pictures. Or steal some from C's camera. I think I lost a few things that day. Sigh.