Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I promise, I deliver. Eventually.

The stitches. They still look good and fresh in this picture. He proceeded to pop the 2 middle ones and open the wound back up within 36 hours. We taped him back up since they can't redo stitches. Boy that made him mad! He is bandage free again. I think he has maybe one stitch left, but it is mostly healed up. I think it is in that healing and itchy stage now. We'll see if he learned anything at all from this experience. I'm not thinking anything useful. He still climbs on the oven. Maybe the lesson just doesn't cross situations very well. Oh, never mind. I just pulled him off the very same arm of the very same couch. sigh.

Le Belly. This is the 19 week shot. As if I"m keeping up with weekly shots. That was the idea, but apparently you have to be awake. I'm not really in this picture. Once the kids go to bed, I turn into the mommy zombie. My poor husband.

The whole happy family. See, they clean up pretty good, don't they? Our temple has a beautiful atrium where you can have pictures taken. It's so nice and warm and full of tropical plants. It is in the lobby so anyone can go in. If you are ever in Portland, I encourage you to stop in. It is especially enticing this time of year!
Anyway I thought the boys looked so handsome in their white clothes. They got to keep the bow ties. The couple who runs the nursery that is for families who are being sealed is so sweet. She hand sews bowties for all the boys and bibs for all the babies. I have no idea what she does for the girls--not having had that experience!

This is way late, and I apologize, but M's 10th birthday. He is officially a double-digiter! He was pretty excited for this birthday. It was so nice to have grandma and grandpa here too. That's PapaCoyote there next to M. He has been without reliable internet and so hasn't been keeping up his blog. So sad. I miss reading it.


Quincy said...

I have been there with the stitches, and back again. My 3yr old thinks standing on the stools, falling, bleeding, and then standing on them again works great. Your picture at the temple is priceless, your family so so beautiful. Thank you for posting that! And you are a gorgeous pregnant mama, your belly is so sweet. I want to hear more about your homebirth plans sometime!

Mommy Bee said...

I have a pic taken in almost that exact spot in the atrium...only it's on my wedding day. :) Did you know we were married in portland? I got to go through the open house there as a child (my first open house) and decided way back then that I wanted to be married there. Thankfully Hubby was willing to go along.

mason said...

What a wonderfull belly, a precious one


Kathy said...

I love all the pictures. Your belly is so cute!