Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home sweet Home

My guys in the snow
We finally gave up on waiting for the house to close before going home for Christmas. So we caught a lull between storms and drove down on Friday. It was a bit hairier than we expected, but we did make it. Only had to put on chains once, and very few threats to the kids lives.
It did turn from a normally 7-8 hour trip to an 11 hour trip. E may be a bit traumatized, but should get over it in time for the return trip, right? I did discover that those fruit sticks and cheese puffs from Gerber will get us a few hours. It also makes for some mighty interesting diapers the next day.
We are really grateful to have made it here safely. Our hometown is under a blanket of snow, ice and more snow. Aunt J is snowed in and can't get out to Idaho. She had a flight scheduled for today, but it looks like Christmas day is the soonest she can get out. We will have to play it by ear to see when we can actually get home. There should be a break in the weather by the weekend, allowing us to get through. If worse weather comes through, we are fortunate that C can take more time off work if he really needs to.
The kids are having a great time with PapaCoyote and GrandmaJ. As you can see in the picture, they've all been out in the snow. I, on the other hand, have been perfectly content to stay inside with my knitting and blankets! I can't wait to see if my brother and his family can make it out here tomorrow so I can my hands on my new niece! And my little L too. I am one happy auntie. Just ask me how cute my nieces are. I dare you! :)
E is having fun with all the space to run around, but has apparently decided that letting mom sleep is ridiculous. I finally got him settled down to where he could sleep in the crook of my arm just so by 3:30am last night. And has been running full tilt all day. Argghh! I'm thinking I'm seeing signs of bedtime now though.
Merry Christmas, and happy winter holidays to all! Hope you all are warm and dry in the midst of all these storms.

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Spring said...

glad to hear that you made it. Our trip was long but fairly calm as far as weather. We are in town also. We head north on Wednsday. Have fun in the snow!