Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Puffed Oven Pancakes for Shady Lady

Oooh, she got her own title and everything ;-D

Preheat your oven to 425 degF.  In a 10" skillet or pie pan, place 4 Tbsp butter.  Put it in the warming oven while you mix the pancake.
Wisk 3 large eggs together until kinda creamy.  Just well blended--it doesn't need to take forever.  Add 1/2 C flour.  This can be wheat flour or a GF blend.  We like using 1/4C teff flour and 1/4 C tapioca starch..  Wisk that together until smooth.  Then add 1/2 C milk and a dash of salt.  Pour it into your nice hot pan and return it to the oven for 20 minutes.  It will be huge and puffy but will collapse most of the way when you take  it out.
Serve with anything that floats your boat.  Syrup, jam, fruit, cheese sauce, meats, whipped cream.....

Growing things

Yay!  Garden pictures!
First, an overview.  I just love seeing all that green spilling everywhere.  Especially green that I planted and want to be growing there!

The other fast growing things :-)  Baby M is very aware of what to do with a sword.  Thanks to the diligent tutelage of her brothers.

The giant pumpkin!  It is very neglected, so it isn't exactly as giant as the boys were maybe hoping for, but they are sure enjoying watching it grow.  G is especially proud since he planted it.  That kid is a good gardener.  He has some magic touch!  Nearly every seed he plants sprouts and turns into a very productive plant.  I told him he could use the greenhouse this spring to start plants to sell.  I imagine his older brother will want in on that one.  Should be a fun business for them.

Just too cute a picture to pass up taking.  I had put puffed oven pancakes in the oven and the kids asked me to turn on the light.  They love watching them puff and it fills the 20 minutes waiting for them to be done nicely.  And then they are so cute lined up in front of the oven it makes me happy.

Monday, August 09, 2010


First, it isn't a project of mine, and you have to turn your head.  Sorry, I'll try to get that fixed.  Anyway, while shopping at Buffalo Exchange in Portland, dh spotted this dress.  I am in LOVE.  It is all silk and I think it is handmade.  Very well handmade, but it certainly isn't production.  The seams are straight stithced and then serged--not all in one pass.  The sheer seams are true french seams.  It is just gorgeous.  And it fits me.  Lot good that does.  Where am I gonna wear it?  It's is rather sheer, sleeveless, and impossible to nurse in.  Oh well.  I can love it anyway, right?

Next we have my new skirt. I had been looking for a pattern I liked for my linen I had purchased on sale awhile ago.  This fit the bill.  Although I still dislike some aspects.  It has a bias waistline that ties. I do like the way the panels came together.  It was Simplicity 2366 in view B.  It went together very fast, except I used my sewing knowledge, or rather applied my sewing knowledge to make the hem turn out nicely.  Haha, amazing how taking a little time gives some rewards.

Finally, we have the pajama set I just finished for G's friend.  He wants to be a farmer when he grows up, so I thought some farm themed pajamas would be perfect.  I used John Deere flannel and some green mottled flannel for the pants.  The t-shirt is purchased and I added a tractor detail.  You can see the edge of my stencil.  I use freezer paper for my stencils. So much fun and it gives really great results.  Let me find a tutorial if your'e interested.... Found one

I seem to have lost my pictures of the garden.  I'll go take some more I guess.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hello August

With such a weird summer, weather-wise, it does seem kinda sudden to have August here with heat and sun and sprinklers and all.  We did have clouds the last couple of days, but it's a nice break, really.  My garden is loving all the sunshine.  I really need to take some pictures!  The squash are taking over the backyard, as they are wont to do.  There is one giant pumpkin living up to its seed packet promises.  G keeps daily tabs (at least) on it's growth.  We are still awaiting the first red tomatoes, but the lateness with which we got them in, it's no wonder.
Oddly enough, with all this gorgeous (hot) weather, I am getting bit by the craft bug again.  I always like to create things, but once in a while it sinks it's teeth in and won't let go.  I am desperately crafty!  The large majority of my waking thoughts pertain to making things.  Just within the last few weeks, I have made a new skirt for me, 10 AIO diapers for baby M, a dress for baby M, seamed together the blackout fabric for C's studio and started a pj set for G's friend and rest pads for my friend's daycare.
I just bought Cal Patch's book, Design it Yourself Clothes and am soooo excited to make myself some new clothes.  I did find a skirt pattern from Simplicity that I like okay, but it's not great.  I have been dragging my feet on designing my own patterns because it just seemed like so much work.  But this book goes through the steps without a full sloper.  The only problems I'm going to run into are budget for the amount of fabric I want and the time it will take to design, draft and sew the amount I want LOL  I'll just have to reign in my imagination a tad.
I'll try to get a few more photos taken, but here's one of the diapers

Next week, as in tomorrow, G starts his last summer camp, then it will be on to soccer.  He is so dang excited about soccer!  After next week, M leaves to go to my parents' house for 2 weeks.  He loves that time to be spoiled by both Grandma and Grandpa.  Who wouldn't?
Then, all the boys start school in the fall.  M will be full-day 5th grade this year.  G absolutely insisted on going to kindergarten, so he'll do that.  Then I knew with the other 2 boys in school, E would feel left out.  So he is going to 2-day preschool at the same place G went to.  My friend does such an amazing job.  And she is doing this class just for 3 year olds, so it will be super fun for E.  And all my brain can think of is that with the lighter kid-load, I might actually get some more crafting time this fall!  It's a nice thought anyway.  :-)