Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Growing things

Yay!  Garden pictures!
First, an overview.  I just love seeing all that green spilling everywhere.  Especially green that I planted and want to be growing there!

The other fast growing things :-)  Baby M is very aware of what to do with a sword.  Thanks to the diligent tutelage of her brothers.

The giant pumpkin!  It is very neglected, so it isn't exactly as giant as the boys were maybe hoping for, but they are sure enjoying watching it grow.  G is especially proud since he planted it.  That kid is a good gardener.  He has some magic touch!  Nearly every seed he plants sprouts and turns into a very productive plant.  I told him he could use the greenhouse this spring to start plants to sell.  I imagine his older brother will want in on that one.  Should be a fun business for them.

Just too cute a picture to pass up taking.  I had put puffed oven pancakes in the oven and the kids asked me to turn on the light.  They love watching them puff and it fills the 20 minutes waiting for them to be done nicely.  And then they are so cute lined up in front of the oven it makes me happy.


Kathy said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all that green and all that cuteness! I love it! That last picture is ridiculously cute. Congrats on the garden, how fun! And what a great idea to have them sell plant starts.

Shady Lady said...

I must know what puffed pancakes are and how to make them!!

Maggie said...

That looks AWESOME! And Miriam is so adorable here playing with her big bros.