Monday, August 09, 2010


First, it isn't a project of mine, and you have to turn your head.  Sorry, I'll try to get that fixed.  Anyway, while shopping at Buffalo Exchange in Portland, dh spotted this dress.  I am in LOVE.  It is all silk and I think it is handmade.  Very well handmade, but it certainly isn't production.  The seams are straight stithced and then serged--not all in one pass.  The sheer seams are true french seams.  It is just gorgeous.  And it fits me.  Lot good that does.  Where am I gonna wear it?  It's is rather sheer, sleeveless, and impossible to nurse in.  Oh well.  I can love it anyway, right?

Next we have my new skirt. I had been looking for a pattern I liked for my linen I had purchased on sale awhile ago.  This fit the bill.  Although I still dislike some aspects.  It has a bias waistline that ties. I do like the way the panels came together.  It was Simplicity 2366 in view B.  It went together very fast, except I used my sewing knowledge, or rather applied my sewing knowledge to make the hem turn out nicely.  Haha, amazing how taking a little time gives some rewards.

Finally, we have the pajama set I just finished for G's friend.  He wants to be a farmer when he grows up, so I thought some farm themed pajamas would be perfect.  I used John Deere flannel and some green mottled flannel for the pants.  The t-shirt is purchased and I added a tractor detail.  You can see the edge of my stencil.  I use freezer paper for my stencils. So much fun and it gives really great results.  Let me find a tutorial if your'e interested.... Found one

I seem to have lost my pictures of the garden.  I'll go take some more I guess.

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Sarah said...

Love the jammies!! I was a Target and jammies are like 14.00...I really need to get my sewing machine out!!!