Friday, May 29, 2009

Tie-dye party

A few years ago, we invited our next door neighbors over to do some tie-dye with us. The kids had a great time. We decided to make it a regular thing. In our new house, we still have fun with our old neighbors, but now, we get to spend more time with the kids across the street. This year, we hosted a bigger party. We invited 3 other families over. That brought us to a total of 7 adults (one dad had to work) and 12 kids, including the 2 babies. We bought the dye and chemicals from Dharma Trading, everyone brought white clothes to dye. C mixed up 12 colors of dye. We helped the kids tie up their items the way they wanted, soaked them in the fixer, and let them go at it with squirt bottles of the dye. They haf a blast! The hard part of course is that the shirts had to sit for about 12 hrs. C and Neighbor MB rinsed everything, we washed them and the kids all wore their stuff the next day.
Everyone is already talking about next year. We are going to be one colorful neighborhood!

Friday, May 22, 2009


E loves our new baby. Trouble is, he loves her a bit too much. Know what I mean? We have a doll that M named "new baby" when he got it when he was about 2 or 3. Funny enough, he picked out a black, boy doll. So, I keep telling E to get the baby doll. He is not to be fooled. He knows that our doll looks nothing like the baby he wants to hold! So off to the toy store we went. What kind of family has to finally search out a white doll dressed in pink? LOL
He loves his new doll. We couldn't get buckled into the car seat until the doll was out of her box. He tried to put her in the pouch, so I made him one of his own. Now, when he tries to yank his sister out my lap, I can tell him to go get his baby. So far so good.
I took some cute pictures of him with the doll. Here he is on his potty sharing the dolls pacifier. Funny, since neither he nor his sister would have ANYTHING to do with a paci!

And a great big kiss. I think I mentioned how everytime E says "baby" it has to be followed by a kiss to baby's head. Well, same rules apply apparently!

I'm loving baby M's feet. She always has her toes flared like this. Too cute. I know it won't last. :(
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing girl

I can already tell she's getting bigger. Bigger cheeks, a little padding on the fingers and toes, mini rolls on the legs. And look! She now actually fits into a newborn-size sleeper!
These pictures are mostly for the benefit of my mom and dad. I can't find any of my baby pictures, and I want to know if those are my baby eyes. I'm thinking, from what I remember, that she looks a fair bit like my baby pictures. I could be way off, naturally.
Those of you who know us IRL are welcome to weigh in too. C or S, whaddya think?

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby in her Kanoe

First, a cute picture of my babies. Every time E sees his sister, he says, "BABY!" and plants a kiss on her head. Too cute.

I knew I would need someplace to put baby M down once in a while. I looked at swings and bouncy seats. Briefly. I realized that anything that touched the floor would be something that E would climb on. There didn't seem to be any products made with this dynamic in mind!
I had looked at baby hammocks for E, but never bought one. Now I wish I had. After doing some more research, I settled on the Kanoe. It seems to be well made and I don't think I'll have much trouble selling it when we're done with it. It is lovely. Baby M isn't terribly fond of it right now as she has a cold. But I think she'll like it when laying down isn't so uncomfortable.

Close up. Can't get enough of her cuteness!
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