Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby in her Kanoe

First, a cute picture of my babies. Every time E sees his sister, he says, "BABY!" and plants a kiss on her head. Too cute.

I knew I would need someplace to put baby M down once in a while. I looked at swings and bouncy seats. Briefly. I realized that anything that touched the floor would be something that E would climb on. There didn't seem to be any products made with this dynamic in mind!
I had looked at baby hammocks for E, but never bought one. Now I wish I had. After doing some more research, I settled on the Kanoe. It seems to be well made and I don't think I'll have much trouble selling it when we're done with it. It is lovely. Baby M isn't terribly fond of it right now as she has a cold. But I think she'll like it when laying down isn't so uncomfortable.

Close up. Can't get enough of her cuteness!
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Spring said...

I love this. that is so handy. I was thinking that I may have to make a trip to see baby girl one of these days.

MMM&M said...

wow, that Kanoe thing is neat, I was unfamiliar with that company.

and she is so sweet!!! sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Lovely girl. She looks healthy . Wish I could come and see her

Love Ria

PapaCoyote said...

Will have to dig into the scrapbooks, uh, well, the boxes of old pictures and slides and look at the eyes. If we had a scanner, we could scan some and e-mail to you. I can't tell without finding some old pictures, but there should at least be some similarities between mom and daughter one would think.