Friday, November 21, 2008

So overdue for an update

The one picture I took at Haloween. Just before heading out to the Harvest Festival and Trick or Treating. Hey, at least I got one!

I have been so very bad about pictures lately. I do mean to do better. Maybe if you all harp on me a bit more I'll do something about it. :)

I'll just go through and update person by person.
E is growing and growing, as one would expect a 14 month old to do. He can now climb just about anything, and gets immensly frustrated when things don't go his way. Talking seems to be the next big thing. In addition to "daddy" and "doggy", he now says "uh oh" "hi" "up" and some sort of mumble that sounds like all done. And he can shake his head very emphatically. I think he said "baba" for bottle yesterday too. This is the age when it is nice that they can start communicating more instead of just screaming. I keep trying to teach him to sign, but he is not the least bit interested. Bit stubborn this one!
The challenge with E lately has been nights. He wakes up a lot, often because he is wet. I just can't keep him dry at night. I tried a heavy wool cover with 2 large prefolds and a costco microfiber towell in the middle. Soaked by 2. I've gone to just the Huggies overnight diapers (yuck) and change them when he wakes around 2 or three. He got mad at the layers of cloth I was using because he couldn't roll around as much as he is used to. I'm trying to re-read the No Cry Sleep Solution so I can remember the techniques in there. He did do better last night, and I hope it's a trend. I really need some sleep!

G is growing fast too. He has gotten so tall just in the last little while. I really need to go through his dresser and get rid of the 489763 clothes that don't fit, but he keeps trying to put on. He knows he is getting bigger and has the cutest strut. He also keeps getting more and more handsome. I may have to lock him up in a few years to keep the girls at bay. We'll see. G is loving learning about letters and shapes. He refuses to learn colors though. It's not that he's color-blind at all, he just doesn't want to learn the names for the colors. Silly kid.
Oh, and as we've been working on getting the new house, everytime I say it's time to pick up or start putting anything away, he asks, "is it time to move?" And sounds so excited about it! G is my sweet helper kid. Everytime I start cooking, he pulls up a stool. Often he just gets pulled off it by E, but he sincerely wants to help.

M is so much a 10 year old boy. He wants to live on the computer. Now that he has Spore to play, it's even worse! He spent over 6 hours on the computer yesterday! I'm not sure today, but less, I think. I'm kinda hoping he gets it out of his system a bit. I'll cut him back on computer time next week for sure!
We are right back where we were with the homeschooling. I had tried to be more structured about it, but it makes us all such nasty people, it is poisonous! At least now he is reading like crazy. So I don't worry about it. I figure as long as he is reading a variety of books and showing interest in lots of things, we're fine. He's only 10 after all! And he does ask me all kinds of questions after reading a book. We look up geography info, chemistry, religions, you name it. I'm happy with that. Till my next panic anyway. LOL

I'm staying mostly sane through all of my kids antics. I do wonder about pregnancy hormones frequently. I do admit that sleep deprivation combined with said hormones is sometimes a very ugly business! I'm now at 15 weeks and feeling great as far as pregnancy symptoms go. I can feel the baby move now and then-no hard kicks, but bumps and rolls. I was very excited to start feeling that. It makes it more real. When it has been 10 years since my last pregnancy, the whole thing does seem pretty sureal. I am getting excited about the birth and getting to meet this newest family member. As far as being a mom to 4 kids, well, "I think I can" is my mantra. We'll do fine I'm sure.
We just finished up with Village Home and won't be going back next term. We still love Village, I just needed to find ways to cut a few extra $$ out of the spending. That's a quick way to do it. By the time we pay registration, then gas there and back and incidental expenses while up there, well it adds up. I'm also re-learning other frugal habits. Sad how good I was in college, and now--not so good. I think I'm making improvements though.
Of course, this is all because of the house. We just got word that the bank is reviewing the file and we "should" hear back soon. I don't know what soon means. But the sellers have signed their paperwork. So if the bank says yes, we can close right away. But then, that means paying 2 mortgages. We can do it, but it will be tight, obviously. My goal is to get that house ready, our stuff over there and this one spiffed up really fast. Then try to promote the heck out of our house.
Say, any of my readers want a cute house in a great neighborhood? I know a good one! There's even some homeschoolers in the neighborhood!
I've also taken some time to do some knitting. I need to get pictures taken, but I have finished a sweater for me, socks for G and a diaper soaker for E from some of the yarn J and I dyed. Next up is socks for M. Then I have socks to finish for me. No holiday knitting this year. I wasn't brave enough to commit to that, and now I'm glad I didn't!

C is still at the same job. They have announced voluntary cutbacks, but so far he seems to be in a relatively safe position. Hopefully it stays that way. He hasn't had much time to do his photography lately, which is a shame. Maybe I'll kick him out sometime this week or next to do that. I mean, if you want to sweetie! He is such an awesome man. Even though he has been tired too, he works hard to take care of us. He makes sure to spend time with the boys in the evenings, do dishes and help with housework, gives me back and foot rubs, and goes along with my crazy ideas. What a man. Sigh*Swoon

There is probably much more, but that will have to suffice for now. I'll try to take some pictures and post more regularly. Try being the operative word here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wearing a toddler on your back

Here, I decided a video would be the most helpful. Trying to figure out just what pictures would convey the most important information didn't seem productive. And I'll add text instructions to clarify. I'm using "him" since that's what I've got! :)

Starting with the center of the wrap, place this on the baby's shoulders. I like to wrap it over his arms a bit to make sure it stays in place. Grab the shoulders and swing him up over your back. If you like higher up, just make sure to start him out there. Then, leaning forward, pull the wrap tightly to the front. My Hoppediz wrap has color highlighted selvages which is very helpful! Keeping these sides tight in your hands, wad up the wrap and tie once in front. For higher up babies, tie above your breasts, for lower, below. Women how have a bit "more" than me seem to like to tie above the breasts too.
Holding one end between your knees, pull the other end up over your shoulder and behind baby. Make sure not to twist as you do this. Before E decided he always had to have his arms free no matter what, I always wrapped his arms in too. Much more secure. Cross the wrap over the bum and under the opposite leg. Hold that end between your knees and repeat with the other end.
Now bring both ends together and tie in a secure knot. I used to tie at my belly, but now I tie over my belly.
A slight variation of this is to make sure the wrap begins off center. That way, when you get to the final knot, you will be able to tie it off to the side. This is helpful for doing household chores--like dishes, cleaning bathrooms, that kind of thing. Or anytime you are worried about the knot in front.
As long as you make sure you are keeping the wrap taut as you tie, this is a very secure way to carry your baby. I think E lived in this wrap for several months! I was able to get chores done, go on hikes, take walks with the kids (without worrying about whether or not a stroller could go there!) go shopping, and go to cultural events. Wrapping keeps the baby close, warm and secure. I never have to worry about dealing with strollers, baby getting fussy, or darting away. It also means that he doesn't change my center of gravity much. We decided that this beat the Kelty backpack hands down! Baby just feels so much lighter in the wrap.
There are also lots of instructions on the web for front carries for younger babies. I did use the rucksack carry some when E was little. If I get a chance (and can remember how!) I'll try to get a video up of that one.
This tie looks complicated, I agree. I always get tons of looks, and nervous offers of help when I tie it in public. But after a few practice runs, I felt comfortable enough to do it on my own, and I never looked back. This is hands down the most comfortable way to carry a baby. I encourage you to try it. If you don't own a wrap (and why don't you??!!), a purchased one is indeed very nice. But you can also make one by purchasing 5-6 yards of fabric, cutting down the middle, and finishing the edges. Cheap, simple lifesaver.

Happy Babywearing Week

I meant to do something earlier this week. Seems some weeks get away from me like that. I want to do a tutorial of backwears and plan to get those pictures done tonight. For now, here's some babywearing pictures from past posts.

Homebirth safety

I know it's been a long time. I hope to have blogging time soon. For now, here's a link to tons of homebirth safety references. It's a long page, but has tons of good information and links to studies.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The giant floor pillow

Awhile back, C found a giant floor pillow online and bought it. It came in 2 giant boxes. One for the covers, and one (or 2, I can't remember) for the stuffing. I put it all together and set it up. Instant hit with the kids.
Every kid that comes over makes a beeline for the pillow. It is a giant purple kid magnet in the middle of our living room. The great thing about it is that it is totally open ended piece of furniture. The kids play on it when they can't be outside. We can snuggle on it as a family. We can lean against it to watch movies. M has figured out how to incorporate it into furniture forts.
Thing is, everyone who comes over wants to know where we got it. I didn't know. So C found where to get one. Now you too can have a giant pillow taking up all kinds of space in your living room!
Here it is. Knock yourself out.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

See, there's no rule

I am LDS. I am a Democrat. (mostly) Sometimes that makes me feel like a bit of an outsider. Sorry, I just don't choose the issue of abortion over the issues of education, war, caring for the poor, respecting other nations, and preserving the lives of everyone over 7 months gestation. That was a sarcastic apology btw.
This statement has been issued before, but has been re-issued in more detail. Now I have "official" backing. Like I needed it. But still, I feel better now.
Also, Brightonwoman had this link on her blog. An excellent reason to NOT vote for McCain.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Me. It's kinda weird being now a year older than my mom was when she had me. Not sure why, it just is. Like a milestone or something. Thanks Mom. I'm glad to be your daughter. You too Dad. ;)