Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The giant floor pillow

Awhile back, C found a giant floor pillow online and bought it. It came in 2 giant boxes. One for the covers, and one (or 2, I can't remember) for the stuffing. I put it all together and set it up. Instant hit with the kids.
Every kid that comes over makes a beeline for the pillow. It is a giant purple kid magnet in the middle of our living room. The great thing about it is that it is totally open ended piece of furniture. The kids play on it when they can't be outside. We can snuggle on it as a family. We can lean against it to watch movies. M has figured out how to incorporate it into furniture forts.
Thing is, everyone who comes over wants to know where we got it. I didn't know. So C found where to get one. Now you too can have a giant pillow taking up all kinds of space in your living room!
Here it is. Knock yourself out.

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Shady Lady said...

Whoa! This looks so cool! Now if I can just come up with an extra $200...C would love it!