Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun and games

I figure I'll just pop in once a month or so and say hi.

Maybe more than that.

First off, 15 month old children cannot fly. They are surrounded by guardian angels and that is why they do not get hurt more than they do. But they cannot fly.
We just returned from a family outing to the ER. E now has a lovely collection of stitches above his left eye. He was climbing on the couch as usual, playing with the light. He got it on and off (so proud!) and turned just so. He bounced his head back and forth between the arm of the futon and the end table. He screamed. C and I both saw. C got to him first. Not too concerned as he does this a few times a week. But then C asked for help. Apparently the warm wet feeling down the front of his shirt made him feel something was amiss. After mopping up much blood and thinking it looked a bit deep, I threw clothes at everyone so we could head off to our friendly local emergency room.
As soon as E was settled into the car, he calmed right down. I questioned by call to take him in. We decided to go ahead and get it checked. Good thing, as the doc on call took barely a look and proclaimed stitches were definitely in order. I took the older boys out while they wrapped and sewed they poor babe up. The nurse commented on just how strong he is. And introduced herself. Something about getting to know each other over the course of the next few years? I think she likes me. Awwww.

I am still pregnant. And out of the "is she or isn't she" stage. So people now feel comfortable congratulating me. Mostly I feel really good. Very healthy, baby looks good. I have another midwife appt on Tuesday. I really enjoy them. I have an awesome midwife. Which is comforting. I do still have the hip issue. Basically, the way my ligaments are softening is leading to a little too much separation. Walking is getting painful. I cannot lift one leg independent of the other without pain. I move a lot slower. And I take awhile to get upstairs. Hopefully this will go away quickly after the birth. If you know of someone who was in pain forever after birth, I don't want to hear about it. ;)
The baby is getting more active and that is so much fun. C and the boys have even felt kicks. It's real! This one seems to be a bit more mellow. We'll see if the pattern holds. I really need a mellow child. Isn't my turn?

We are still waiting on the house. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Short sales suck. We just got paperwork that extends the closing date to the 23rd of Dec. Not sure I believe anyone will be ready to sign stuff then even. The way the are dragging their feet. C'mon people. I'm offering to BUY the house. As in PAY for it. It won't sit empty. You don't have to risk a foreclosure auction. Just GIVE ME THE HOUSE ALREADY!!!!
Yes, I have an opinion on this. How could you tell?
We have paint and flooring picked out. We have a plan of attack. I just need a house to go with said plan.

To end on a good note, on the 29th of November, we got to take E to the temple to be sealed to us. It was a great day and we are so happy to have all of the adoption stuff (well, almost all) done with. Now we are just a plain ol' eternal family. To read more about what this means to us, you can go here.

As soon as I find the camera, I'll post pictures. Or steal some from C's camera. I think I lost a few things that day. Sigh.

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