Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick, what do the first 2 pictures have in common? YES! They are yet 2 more examples of G taking pictures that include his feet. I think this has been discussed here before. I am far too lazy to go and find those posts. Search for "feet" or something if you must know.

I put in an order to Discount School Supply. I really love their stuff. My kids had fun playing with the new art supplies.
First up is M's Wikki Stix creation. If you have never played with Wikki Stix, then you have indeed had a sorry, empty existence. Not to pass judgement or anything, I'm just sayin'....

I ordered some cool paint bottles. They have brushes instead of rollers or sponges like I've seen on other paint bottles. This allowed E to paint to his heart's content without having to try and figure out why there wasn't anymore paint on his brush. He really just wants the big paint bottles so he can squirt paint when we paint, so this seemed like a good compromise. He is happy with it. See?
Brother couldn't just stand by and watch!And a cute Baby M picture for your viewing pleasure. Can you believe she's 3.5 months already?

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PapaCoyote said...

My computer is going crazy. Last night a message popped up in the lower right of my screen that said my son had e-mailed entitled "this weekend." but I could not find the message on either of my two e-mail programs. So I e-mailed and asked if he had indeed sent a message. Hah, no he had not. Now tonight my browser is showing that my daughter has added to her blog. Hah. Now we all know that never happens, but I loved those pictures of the cute grandkids and M's artwork. Pretty good work, M. Oh, my, but that last picture. She is a doll. I wonder how those pictures got on my monitor. Oh, well.

RasJane said...

SO funny, Coyote Jokester. She is a doll isn't she? Some days I have a hard time getting things done because I have to stare at her.

Lanna said...

Ack, she's a proper, round, adorable little baby already! Slow down, girlie!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute girl. she looks so good to me.
I should take time to come and really see her.
Nice family, What a picture of the little girl. She looks into the world like she will discover the world pretty soon. the boys look so good.

Love Ria