Thursday, August 06, 2009

Phrases I never thought would be part of my daily repetoir

starting with my personal favorite....

  • Please don't lick your sister
  • the vacuum needs to stay on the floor
  • I'm sure your butt stinks too
  • It's only pee
  • I have enough pictures of your feet
  • You've had enough bananas
  • You need to eat something besides bananas and noodles
  • Butter is not a food group
  • Go back and wash with the soap AND water
  • It's not ice cream, it's mommy medicine
Seriously. Daily.


MMM&M said...

how about:

did you wash your hair? let me smell it. you didn't wash your hair, get back in the shower.

did you brush your teeth? let me see them. go back & brush your teeth and this time up by the gums, and don't rub them with a towel and try to fake me out.

did you bring your dishes in from the table? go get your dishes and put them in the sink.

no more talking, it is time to go to sleep. you already had a drink. please please please quit talking and go to sleep.



Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE THIS!!! Don't lick your sister? Wash with soap AND WATER? ROTFL!!!! God bless you!

Gina said...

Too darn funny! The first and last are my favorites. I can so picture you having to say "don't lick your sister" and then running for the "mommy medicine" lol.

Sarah said...

I use the "mommy medicine" for long will that really work :-)!!