Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And the news is....

Nothing, no news. Sorry. Sucks for me too.
I just got off the phone with our social worker. She said that birthmom's social worker has an appointment with her tomorrow night at 7. We'll hopefully find out something late tomorrow. Maybe we won't know anything until she officially signs the TPR (termination of parental rights).

So, here I sit wondering if I should start packing or not. Maybe I should. But should I call the hotel and change the reservation? Maybe I'll wait on that one.
Should I make dinner? Yeah, definately. Question is, what? It's so tempting to dip into the freezer meal-a-thon, but I remember what it's like to try to cook dinner with a new babe. Hmmm, chicken and rice? Boring and over-used, but it works. Yeah, with fresh kale from the garden. Maybe a big plate of steamy kale with a little chicken and rice for seasoning. M will have chicken with a little rice and 1 teeny weeny bit of kale just to say he really did eat some. How is this my child? G of course will just have rice. With buttuh, and toy tauce. C will, WILL get over his cold.

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Kelly Stubbs said...

Good luck, I hope that everything works out ok. We love you guys :)