Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It would seem that....

Dinner did turn out okay. I was right on the portions. I do loooove kale. Oh! That's not what you wanted to know, was it?
S has decided to go ahead and place with us. So travel is on. We leave here Friday and stay Saturday in Weiser, then travel on to SLC. 'K, Mom? Baby is due to be induced on Tuesday. I really, really hope this really does turn out. I've been up and down so much, I think I'm a bit reluctant to really celebrate. But I do feel a bit better. At least I can pack with some confidence. I know we are definitely going.
No, I don't have any names picked out. I was going to discuss that with birthmom and wait and see. After all, he can go about 6 months without a name. He only needs one when they make up the new birth certificate at finalization. G didn't have his middle name until then. But, we'll probably come up with something to call him before that point. Hey You just doesn't sound very good does it? Actually, I've been referring to him as Whatsisname. Not so good either.
Thanks again for all your love, everyone. We'll continue to keep you posted. Except when we don't have any 'net access that is.


PapaCoyote said...

Roller Coaster, UP! All aboard. I was talking to D twenty minutes ago when H says that S and C are going to get the baby. She was reading your blog. My response was when was the blog entry posted. Good News! I told J and she looked around the basement and sighed, "I better get to work."

I have been looking at a 2006 Dodge Ram pickup. It has 8100 miles. D and I are going to play bad cop, good cop with the salesperson on Saturday. Should be interesting. Of course, they want too much money and make too big a profit.

Lanna said...

I was going to suggest going again with the angel name theme, but after a google search it turns out that the third named angel is Satan. Maybe not then. Unless you want to pilfer catholic scripture. How does Metatron sound? Hehe.

We'll get excited for you--yay! Bebe! I should get something knit *and* sent to you this time.

MMM&M said...

LOL at Lanna, I agree, Satan might not be the best choice of names!

so excited for you!!


Jennifer said...

Yay, so exciting!!