Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good things

Grandma is indeed a good thing. Or rather a good someone. She has been wonderful to have around. Especially when you need a cozy loving place to take a nap when your big brothers wear you out. I enjoy having her around too! She is even using the sucky machine to make me a new shirt. She has to use the sucky one because the Vking broke. Again. Some random piece of plastic went flying out the back mid-stitch. I didn't think it had any plastic parts to it. Apparently this piece is critical to the functioning of the machine. Whatever. It may be time to stimulate the economy with a purchase of a sewing machine. Come on tax refund.

Our dinner tonight. Another good thing. Avocadoes, bruno tomatoes, sweet potato fries, amaranth tortillas with buffalo and amaranth filling. The tortillas turned out amazing! I was playing with one of my Christmas presents, a Kitchen Aid grain mill attachment. I wanted to know if it would grind fine grains like amaranth since the flours are hard to get uncontaminated. At least in my use-every-5-day-all-day price range. It did the job perfectly. So I mixed the fresh flour with a bit of water-enough to make tortilla dough-covered it and let it sit overnight on the counter. A total of about 30 hours. Then I mixed it again and added a dash of sea salt. We pressed the tortillas in the tortilla press and cooked them in the hot cast iron skillet (no oil like other tortillas!). YUM! They were delicious. A great flavor--much more mild than store-bought flour that I have not actually soaked before. And they held together better than even most store-bought flour tortillas. These are definitely going to be a fixture around here. You can read more about amaranth here.

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