Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's here, it's here!

Okay, I know I really should have taken pictures. But I was elbow deep in potting soil, whadda want anyway?
The Territorial order came today. After months of their catalogs piling up on our table, dreamily looking through them over dinner, with conversations revolving mostly about our dirt in the backyard, we ordered. The first half came today. So, we have our seeds, our our new compost thingamagig, our topsy turvy's and our seed starting stuff.
The kids had a great time helping me start our second batch of seeds. We did one tray on Monday (I think?) and then started some of the seeds we got today. Let's see if I can remember all we have:
romaine lettuce
some random head lettuce from last year
pickling cukes
Adam hybrid pickling cukes
lemon cukes (for the topsy turvy and snacking on the patio)
sweet basil
lime basil
snack jack pumpkin
some pumpkin M got from Village
yellow "gold rush" zucchini

Then we have the stuff we'll direct sow or start later, as well as the plants we ordered. I got some tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes to put in the other topsy turvy also for porch snacking and eggplant. In seeds we got some amaranth, more lettuce, peas and beans, more flowers and I can't remember what all else. But if you're in the area this summer, stop by for dinner!

Here's a shot of the set up so far:Now, I'd best get back to the quinoa pilaf and baked salmon we're having for tonights dinner and stop dreaming about dinners in August. Hopefully though, by this time next year I will have been a good enough gardener I'll still be harvesting green things from my backyard. Yum!


Brightonwoman said...

I am jealous. We have three feet of snow still!

Oh, and I tried google's not working for me. :-( The other trackers have maps and all kinds of stats and stuff though, so maybe I just won't worry overi t.

PapaCoyote said...

betts44One of the greatest joys of spring is the arrival of the seeds. Digging up the garden so as to have a soft cozy bed for the planting of the seeds is a slap of reality. But nothing can match the taste of fresh green beans from the garden and the taste of freshly picked tomatoes from the garden---aaaaahhh, I have given up on tomatoes from the supermarkets. They don't even qualify as tomatoes for me.

RasJane said...

Brightonwoman, don't worry, the snow will go away soon enough. That probably is rough to adjust to though. Sounds like your other trackers are plenty good enough.

Papa, I agree. Supermarket tomatoes just don't cut it. Farmers market is fine though!