Monday, March 17, 2008

Mmmmm chocolate

So, dh (darling/dear husband) is out of town for the week. While he is off getting smartified by some leadership gurus, I am here at home getting spoiled by my mom. She is sewing me that shirt I keep meaning to make. She cleaned out the boys' closet and loaded a fair bit of the stuff in it into her van to take home. We went shopping (successfully) for a car seat. I re-organized my canning jars. They are now not in any danger of an imminently crawling person.
I am now nursing a bitty one to bed. With chocolate. I have learned something. There are 3 bars of ScharffenBerger chocolate in my cupboard. With dh here, it is much easier to exercise self control. I can imagine the thoughts in his head as I grab for another bite. He looks at me. I know he must be looking at my hips. Good grief. As if her pants aren't tight enough. And those flannels she insists on wearing! It just gets worse by the day! If she would just stop with the chocolate already. PMS meds be darned! I should buy more veggies at Whole Foods tomorrow. Maybe she'll fill up on those.
But he's not here now. Nope, he's on the other side of the continent. There is nothing, nada, not a thing to prevent me from eating the whole dang Extra Rich Milk Fine Artisan Chocolate bar. All 3 oz of it. Well, hey. 3oz. That's not bad. Now I don't feel so bad. I could just as easily be eating a carton of Ben and Jerry's. At least I know what my tummy will feel like tomorrow if I do that. Hmm, it is 480 calories. Maybe that is a bit steep. I think I'll have salad for dinner tomorrow. And lunch. Perhaps just something lite for breakfast. Yeah right.
I love chocolate. I can eat local pretty much. But they haven't figured out how to grow chocolate in Oregon. Or mangoes. Or avocados. Or bananas. Definite sticking points.


PapaCoyote said...

I can not believe you ate the WHOLE thing!!

RasJane said...

But, see, I didn't. I stopped! All on my own!
But I had a big lunch. I had a big dinner too. Mom bought pizza. Yum. And I bought whole milk, cream on top yogurt. And had a teeny bit for lunch with my homemade marionberry jam mixed in. Yum and double yum! See, you really should visit more often.

Lanna said...

I have this theory, see. Every once in a while you have to gorge on food to make your metabolism go 'woah!' and kick into overdrive, and then go back to eating normally. Your metabolism will be confused and keep burning extra calories, so you see, you'll actually lose weight. OK, OK, I'll do anything to justify my food nemeses (nemesises?).

And if that doesn't work, well, we're grownups. We've earned the right to indulge in compensatory dieting (best lesson I learned from those Girlfriends Guides ;).

Also. If C thinks anything even vaguely close to what you think he's thinking, I'll sock him for you. Serious. You're the teeniest wee mum I've ever seen.

SF said...

Hey, at least you're eating the good chocolate. I was at the grocery store getting Super-Mega-Nuclear-Holocaust Cold Medicine, and picked up some easter chocolate on sale. 12 oz. bag for $0.17 - couldn't beat it with a stick, right? Ate a handful, woke up the next morning - two monster pimples. I read the ingredient list: Sugar, partially hydrogenated boybean oil, chocolate flavoring.

So here's to REAL good chocolate.