Monday, March 10, 2008

Another book I'm lovin

Usually, I'll pick up books based on the recommendations of others. I haven't always been that way, it's just that with time allotted to me for finding, obtaining and reading books I just can't waste it on a book that is no good. But I ran accoss a book at the library that looked interesting if nothing else. I had actually searched "local economy" and it came up. I was brave. I took it home. It sat on the library shelf for a week. I wasn't that brave apparently. But I picked it up. In just a few pages I was hooked. I love this book!
McKibben is neither conservative nor liberal, but he is highly critical of the"American Dream" and mainstream economists. He advocates for more localized economies. Case in point: Food. Did you know that food you ate for lunch most likely traveled an average of 1,500 miles?! We use more energy to ship food than food actually contains. How is this "efficient" Small farms really produce more food per acre. It just costs a little bit more and takes more man power. So? It is much more sustainable.
McKibben goes beyond food though and speaks to our culture of more. I'm only about 1/2 done with the book. If I decide I hate the ending I'll let you know. But so far, I don't think that will happen. Good read. Go get it. ;)

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