Monday, March 17, 2008

hail, funny kids and a new car seat

First of all, the hail. Yikes. It got serious. We'll usually have hail when we get lots of rain or thunderstorms, but almost always very light. It will rain hard, small hail balls for a minute or 2, then back to rain. Saturday though, we got real live hail. C wondered aloud about the risk to the cars parked outside. But they were fine, and this is really as big as it got. Phew, I would be quite ticked if we had to get body work on the truck just so we could sell it!

Today, E graduated to a new carseat. The infant one is just getting too small. The older brothers were very impressed with the box. Of course. It became the coveted property of the evening. Dinner was called a few times before they emerged. Actually, it was the threat of no dinner that did the trick.

Kid3 in his new throne. I hope he likes it because he will be spending A LOT of time in it over then next 7 years.Grandma J is here and was able to make a few modifications to the car seat cover she made awhile ago. It looks great on it. And see how much E likes it?

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PapaCoyote said...

From the pictures it is hard to tell who is happier--Kid1 and Kid2 with the new box, or Kid3 with the brand new car seat. Gotta love the E-Grin. I will save the box the new stove comes in so Gramma J will have something to play in when she gets home. Haha. Well Kid1 and Kid2 would love to play in a stove box.