Sunday, August 03, 2008

We did it, mostly

The kids handled it fairly well. There was the bit at the library about no point in checking out videos. I get ahead of myself.
Sunday, we finished up any must-dos on the computer and then turned it off. G really didn't understand why, or that it being off meant you can't use it. Sunday night I realized that I was babysitting 2 other kids Monday and Tuesday and that I might regret the lack of movies. Bad sitter, I know.
So on Tuesday, when we all (me and 5 kids!) went to the library, I went ahead and caved on the movies. They got 2 DVDs and we watched them on the portable DVD player. Then there was the whole, "We watched the yesterday" bit. But I was strong.
On Tuesday, I was talking to my mom and she mentioned that our friends from Holland were coming for a visit. I hadn't seen them in about 5 years, so really wanted to visit them. What with my whole internet addiction withdrawl, I packed up stuff and kids and headed to Idaho by myself on Thursday. I brought some sanity into the mix by a)packing movies and said portable DVD player, b) putting all 3 kids in one seat so there was no odd man out and someone with hands by the baby at all times, and c)I caved on my no Gerber baby food rule and bought Gerber fruit leather, Gerber cereal-thingies and some other stuff he wouldn't touch. But he loves him some fruit leather!
We survived the trip to Papa and Grandma Coyote's in a mere 7.5 hours. Go RasJane!! C joined us on Friday, and just left to go home this morning. He's a sweetie! But we had lots of fun with our friends and I'll post pictures when I get home and get them all organized. That's right, I'm still here. It's really a nice break for me to be here. I dump most of the responsibility on my parents and do things like take a nap or go shopping with mom. It's great. And she's a great cook.
For more insanity--or clearer thinking, we'll see. I've made a firm decision to cut my hair all off. I have to find a salon in PDX I trust with my hair (any recommends??) and then off it goes. I'm tired of the baby always being in it, of cleaning it out of the drain, vacuuming it up, and on and on and on. Besides, hair grows back. I'll post before and after pics, 'k?
A final note (I hear my baby calling for me), PapaCoyote doesn't have Firefox. That means no real-time spell check. Apologies and deal with it. Hearts.


Anonymous said...

tell MJB hi for me. We just found out that we are going to be moving to Washington next year so we will be so much closer to all our friends and family also. Yippy!!!
Love ya.


RasJane said...

Yippee!! Yippee!! My own next door neighbor Washington!!!!
I think I can feel my insane-traveling with children bug planning a trip!
Actually, MJB and I are planning a trip to the sewing expo in Puyallup around Feb/March. Early birthday dinner anyone???

Anonymous said...

Well I won't be there until May but I just goggle mapped it and its only about three hour drive. I just found out today that Andy has an assigment in Fort Lewis for three weeks starting on Aug 18th. Jeeeeesh! He has been back all summer I guess that its about time for him to leave again. I am trying to figure out a way that I can spend a weekend with him to scope out the place. We are thinking about buying a house. We are expecting to be in Washington for a while (well the kids and I will be. He will likely be off saving the world and all that).