Friday, August 29, 2008

Some sewing

Luckily, I have had a chance to do some sewing lately. I always feel better after I make something. And I have a loooooong list of things I really, really want to make.
First up, was a t-shirt for me. I found the fabric at Mill End and loved it. It is so buttery soft and pretty to boot. I figure that since I always wind up wearing jeans and t-shirts no matter what, I might as well have some pretty t-shirts to wear.
The second project was a pair of jeans for my nephew. His awesome momma let me know that his jeans I just made were suddenly rendered too small by a growth spurt. Yay, Joseph! And, of course, I couldn't stand that he was sad about that, so I had to make a new pair. This pair is better than the second in that they have a Tardis on one leg. I really, really hope they fit. They are on their way. Let me know, Lanna, if they don't fit. Send them pack, I'll Etsy them and we'll try again.
I also made a pair of pj's for G, but I can't get a picture of them. He won't model them for the camera, and he keeps peeing in the pants. Yeah, we're having a bit of a potty struggle. Errghh.
Next up is pj's for M, jeans for M, diaper covers for E, and pants and blouse for me. Oh, and I need to start on Christmas stuff. Ideas?


Brightonwoman said...

re: christmas...we love beanbags and dressup stuff...capes, knight's tunics, kingly robes...who says dress up is for girls!
Of course there are always practical things...we all get matching jammie pants on christmas eve (Wolf has already outgrown his last set by 3 inches!!)

RasJane said...

Beanbags! Yes. That is exactly what we need around here. For some reason, my kids really aren't that into dress up. They have some neat stuff. Maybe G will get more interested as E gets old enough to play it with him.

I also need general family gift ideas (aunts, uncles, parents, that kind of thing).

Lanna said...

As though my children need more spoiling! Those are so cool! :D Jos will be most thrilled, I'm sure.

RasJane said...

Lanna, of course your kids need more spoiling. Just wish I had more free time to do it!

Lanna said...

We got the jeans--they are so awesome! He needs a belt, no surprise there, but the length is perfect. Well done! :)

We also got a very sweet postcard today from a very nice wee lad. Tell him we have Kleenex too. lol :)