Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trip to OMSI

My little dinosaurs. I knew there was something about dinos that seemed oddly familiar. I just had to see the link.

Inventors at work.

wing up in the air. There are actually signs up all over warning about the dangers of this room for children under three. Yeah, like I could really convince him to stay in the mei tai and watch.

And what's a trip to the science museum without some exploding soda. They actually have an "explosion of the day." That right there is enough to sell an apartment at OMSI!

Exhausting day. This is how they helped me make dinner. Thank you, Darlings!

We had a bit of a summer school "thing" here this summer, and as part of that, I told the kids we could spend the day at OMSI if they cooperated. They squeaked by and today was the day we had picked out to go. Had to catch that Dinosaur exhibit, y'know!
Of course, things don't always go smoothly. We actually were goy'know go on Tuesday, but E was still suffering from the crud from Hades, so we put it off. Today seemed like a go. M was motivated to get his morning chores done and we were just about ready to go by 8:30. Miraculous, no? There was just one thing amiss. G was still asleep. He did wake up just before 9 and manage to eat breakfast and get ready to go. BUT, just as I was getting stuff together and trying to find my missing 3 year old, I find him in his bed. "I'm hot and bizzy," he says. I feel him, and he smiles so on we go. I question if we should go, but the kids talk me into it.

We have to stop at Whole Foods to get food of course, because I have nothing that is very packable for lunch out. E fell asleep 5 minutes from the store. Then I look back and see that M is falling asleep too. WT??? That's new. But in we go, baby in the mei tai, G in the stroller because he "can't walk." Halfway through the mei tai I look at M, who has been complaining about being cold (he's always complaining, it's not as if I actually listen to the child anymore) and lo and behold, the child is turning blue! So I buy him some tea, we purchase our lunch, and out the door again.
The dinosaurs were fun, the turbine hall is a blast as usual. The boys got some time playing in the ball room where you invent ways to get the balls into baskets and tubes and whatnot. We finish up most of the fun stuff, and M runs out of steam. Oh, yay. He's got a fever, chills and a headache.
I manage to get everyone home, M into the bathtub for a hot bath, and E and G on the purple pillow. Then I made dinner.
My amazing husband, however went shopping at Costco, picked up our milk, AND picked up the Azure order! Wow. Then he helped with dinner and kids while I put M to bed.
I'm tired and want to go to bed too, now. What a day.


PapaCoyote said...

Yikes, what a job this momma gig is. Then you turn around and to it all tomorrow. I liked the teaching job where ya get weekends off and three months in the summer, although the summer kept getting squeezed and squeezed throughout my teaching career.

RasJane said...

Ummm, duh. That's what the week at grandmas is for! And the trips of me with the kids. Notice how I kinda check out while I'm there?