Friday, August 15, 2008

The New Me

Ta Da!

It feels so amazingly different. I actually have a little bit of headache because of the sudden change in weight load on my neck. Of course, having just come from a salon, it also feels a bit stiff. They do like their products you know. I really liked the stylist. She's the first one I've liked in many many years. So that feels good too.
Oh, and since it's likely to get to 103F today, I should especially like it.

M has fun with the camera. And I like it cuz it makes me look tall!

The leftovers. I had it cut into smaller sections. We'll see what kind of response I get. I think they are around 22" but I'll have to measure.


Anonymous said...

Darling hair! I think selling it's a great idea!

Lanna said...

So so so cute! :) Hope you make big bucks with your hair.

MMM&M said...

looks GREAT! very flattering!

RasJane said...

Aww, thanks.
I'm getting used to it I think.