Saturday, August 23, 2008

The sickies

I started it. I admit it. I picked up some awful virus in Idaho. I hacked, I coughed, my ears felt sooo tender and swollen, my tonsils got patriotic. I felt crummy. I managed to get home with the three kids without succumbing to the urge to just pull over and go to sleep for a week. Not that I could have, of course. 3 kids will keep you motivated--they should be personal trainers.
After about a week or so of suffering, I started to feel better and C started croaking around. He felt horrid for a week or so--actually he is still not 100%. Coughing up a lung would be his description of the illness.
So then, G's turn. He woke up one morning asking for a kleenex. I won't tell you what I saw through my bleary eyes. Only the mom's reading this could possibly (and I mean possibly) handle it.
He has done much better than us "growed-dups", and seems to be on the mend now.
Enter E. Poor kid. He was rubbing at his nose for a day or two, but he is seriously sensitive about any suggestion of anything in his poor nose. Probably due to this. So since he is cutting tooth #4 too, I didn't pay it much attention. Then there was the diaper. Won't describe that either. You're welcome. Then I noticed he was getting warm. Uh oh. By evening, he was throwing up and burning up.
Last night was entirely unpleasant. He wasn't throwing up anymore, but obviously very, very uncomfortable. And very, very hot. I didn't take his temp, but he had that scalding hot feeling. We didn't sleep much, and he couldn't stand it if I thought about putting him down or rolling away from him.
Fortunately, the fever seemed to break around 5 and I got a couple of hours of sleep. He is back to walking around the living room and growling at his brothers. But he doesn't seem as energetic as usual. That will probably come soon.
Hopefully this will skip M and we can stay healthy for awhile!

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Spring said...

poor mama. I feel for you. I am sending you a big hugg. hang in there.