Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hair for sale

I posted my listing on The Hair Trader today. It's had 49 views so far, so my fingers are crossed. You can see it here.
People have asked why I'm not donating it. The reason is, I did that last time (about 5 years ago) and I never heard back from them. Not horrible, but I wondered. Then I found out that the charity I sent it to, you know the one, I'm sure, only keeps about 10% of the hair they receive. The rest they sell. Most of the $ they make is used for "administrative costs". Just what I've heard. If someone knows more positive info and can verify it, please let me know.
But by selling my hair, I can make $ and apply it to, I dunno, gas or something. I'll also tithe on it, so some of the money goes to the church, and maybe I'll specify the money be used for humanitarian aide. Then I'll buy some chocolate to share with my honey.
My hair appt is on Friday. So, I will hopefully have pictures by the weekend.
So, thoughts? Is it weird to sell my hair? Any ideas for a cute, very short cut? What would you do with 21" of hair? Tell me.


Lanna said...

holy you know what, not sure if i'm more surprised at the haircut or that people will pay so much for it. actually, now i'm worried you're going to mugged in the streets for your locks. yeesh!

can't wait to see pictures, i'm sure you'll look adorable. or chic. or whatever it is you'll go for.

adria said...

Your hair is beautiful. I hope you get a lot for it.

I don't think it's weird at all. And yours would make gorgeous extensions.

MMM&M said...

your hair is gorgeous! I can completely understand simplifying though..

what is up with the comment on the length? Just curious--- why would they care what kind of cut you get?

Reminds me of Little Women--- Jo

RasJane said...

I think the pixie comment is because there would be more hair that way--more length.
I'm nervous about how I'll look with super short hair TBH.

Brightonwoman said...

I'm a long hair lover (I actually just posted about it just before coming here...please know it's me spouting and not a personal response to your haircut!)

Anyway, I have to say, if you want to cut your hair, go for it AND, if there's a lot of leftovers, ABSOLUTELY you should sell it! After all, you put a lot of time into growing that out, you deserve some payment for it! And as someone who has worked with both synthetic and real hair (for theatrical wigs) let me say there is no comparison, and anyone who has to come into contact with wigs (making them, styling them, or wearing them) is going to be ever so grateful to have one with real human hair!!

RasJane said...

I actually just read your post and thought, "Oh no, she hates my hair!"
I'm so glad you came here and commented. I'd be to chicken to actually ask you if that was your thought process. You're a sweetie and I should remember that.
My whole plan is to grow it out again. I'm just someone who likes drastic changes once in awhile and this is a mild way to accomplish that. I prefer long hair too. But I'm having fun with this change. Thank goodness my hair grows so fast!