Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family on wheels

Awhile back, G asked C to take off his training wheels. Turns out he wasn't entirely ready, but he wanted to try. We had fun with the trying.

"Don't let go, Mom!"
He just can't get going fast enough to keep himself balanced. At least not without the training wheels. See, he is a cautious child.

The surprise came when M tried out the bike. Guess who can ride a 2 wheeler after all? Seems all that scooter riding taught him some balance. He hasn't been back on, and that could be a simple comfort issue, I mean, just look:

So then Mom and Dad had to get in on the act. I rode the scooter and C rode the bike--and we switched part way through. But first we had to play "chicken." This was the end result of that daring game. Ewww!

I have so many more things I really should blog about. I just don't know where to start. What do you want to hear about, or see pictures of? We'll see what I can do. Keeping in mind that this post is dedicated to the auto save feature on blogger. E turned off the computer in the middle of my typing.


PapaCoyote said...

Go, M., Go! Good job! The sign at the head of the trail to Snowslide Lake said that mountain bikes were okay on the trail. Yeah, Right. It was so steep and eroded out that no one could ride a bike up or down it, but how about riding a bike into Duck Lake? You could do that. Papa Coyote will cheer you on while he is snacking on huckleberries.

PapaCoyote said...

Just looking at the pic of M riding and think maybe you had better get a mouth guard instead of a helmet. I think the tongue is at a greater risk than his noggin. Seems that he is fully focused on the task at hand.

RasJane said...

Yup, he gets that tongue thing from GramRe. Totally focused!
I'm not sure you could talk him into biking into a mountain lake. You'd have to fight him for the huckleberries.

TopHat said...

You have a great family, RasJane!

I remember I was too afraid to go to a two wheeler- it wasn't until the 2nd grade (and my younger brother learning) that I took off my training wheels. Sibling competition there!