Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buh Bye

I'm trying an experiment. Perhaps an insane one, we'll see.
We are unplugging the computer for 1 week. No movies, no net, no games. We will even have to hand-write lists. Egads!
But, it's time to try it. Weaning isn't working, so we must do cold-turkey.
We should be back Aug 4th. Till then, ta ta.

If you need, need, need to contact me, call me. I'm listed. But then, most all of you have my number anyway who would really, really need to call me.

I should have a pretty interesting post about our week's adventures, eh?


Lanna said... can do that? You can just switch it off? I wonder if the xbox has such a magic button..

Oh, this morning Joseph was really, really sad because the jeans you made him don't fit anymore. Of course mean old me was secretly saying, 'yay! he grew!!' I promised him to ask if maybe possibly you would consider making him another pair at some point? How does it feel to have a clothing line with such loyalty?! :)

RasJane said...

I would love to make him new jeans. And tell him that I am thrilled both that he likes them so much, and especially that he grew. Yay Jos!
I'll need measurements, of course.