Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girls, already?

I was admiring G's eyes to him. They are gorgeous--all bias aside. I told him that someday girls were going to swoon over them.
Mom--That means they're going to like you and want to be around you
G--That's okay
Mom--what if they want to kiss you?
G--I'll let them
Mom--Really? Why?
G--'Cuz they're cute

Who wants to guess what my life will be like in another 10-12 years?


Anonymous said...

You know that all that comes on so quickly. S went camping witha family from the ward last fall. A few days after he came home he told me that he had a girl friend. I asked him what he ment and he said that one of the girls in this family had taken him behind the tent and was kissing him.

I promptly called the girls mom. Her dad had a long disscusion on the proper age to think about kissing boys. S's dad gave him a long talk over the web cam from afganastan. She said he did the kissing and he said it was all her idea and we came to find out that they were kissing in the back of the van on the way home to. The moms were horified that there babies were kissing each other, but the dads were not so worried.

I was so mad at Andy that he was almost incouraging and reminded him that he needs to remember that he is the father of two girls and would not feel the same if it were his girls. Andy tells B all the time that he is going to have some Burkas made for her when she get to be a teen.

The girls in the neighborhood and at school are always hanging around S. he dose not seem to be as interested in them as they are in him. I was not ready for my guy to grow up.

RasJane said...

I am so glad that M does not even seem to realize there is much concern over the difference between boys and girls. So maybe I'll get to ease into all that when he is at a more "appropriate" age for it. Actually, it's likely that he and his brother will become interested in girls at the same time. That will be a zoo, I'm sure.
But, eeek, poor you, momma!

PapaCoyote said...

"I'll let them." Reminds me of a college friend from San Diego--good looking 6'6" guy who came to the U of I in the late '50's on a basketball scholarship. He was a 5th year senior studying Forestry (all forestry majors had to have 151 semester credits and thus studied for five years) and was in the dumps over another relationship that had fizzled out. He was in need of therapy and there were a lot of amateur therapists in the dorm. We called those therapy sessions "Bull ****" sessions and the fees never escalated higher than a six pack. Ron vowed that he would never ask another girl on a date. If some girl liked him, she would have to ask him. Now this was in was 1963 mind you. Would you not know it--some girl called and asked him on a date the very next weekend. I am sure the word spread about Ron's vow because the amateur therapists were not bound by any archaic rules of confidentiality. They were married the next summer. Really nice people they were. I would be shocked if the marriage did not endure to this day. Hopefully, G will attract nice girls like his Mom and Grammas.

RasJane said...

That is a sweet story. And a sweet compliment to his mom and gramma. I hope all the boys find girls I like. And like me!