Friday, July 11, 2008

I love Craigslist

I do. I really do. What did the world do before Craigslist?! What did I do before Craigslist?
I need to make room in the garage. We are done having kids (so far as we know). So it makes sense to get rid of all the baby clothes. Up to 18 month size that is. Since we kinda need that size. Anyway...
I dragged out all organized bins of clothes. The newborn, 3-6 month, 6-9 month, the small diapers, the carseat, the small blankets. All of it. Then I pulled out a couple of meaningful things. Handknit sweaters. Coming home outfits. Blessing outfits. The really nice diaper stuff I'm not replacing if a miracle occurs.
I listed them one by one on Craigslist. See, otherwise I would have had to either a) give it all away or b) hold a garage sale or c) cull out the really nice stuff and drive to consignment stores or d) list it on e-bay and hope someone wants it and then mail it to them or pay to re-list or, ick.
I like this better. I have someone coming at 4 to take all the newborn and 3-6 month stuff. That's $40!
Cross your fingers that the rest of it sells too.
Because then I'll have room for my new freezer. The one that is going to hold my beef. My $2.20 per pound beef, raised in a pasture eating grass and cut and wrapped the way I want it. Yeah, that one.

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