Friday, July 18, 2008

Other ways to color my kitchen

Yesterday, we went berry-picking with J. I didn't get nearly as many berries as I got last year. Oh well, the kids just tuckered out and it was totally time to go home. I can go back and buy a few flats later maybe. I also want to go and get a bunch of blueberries. Does PapaCoyote still want me to get some and freeze for him? Now is the time to put in that order!
Here's the obligatory pictures of my beautiful children gathering food for the winter to come. :)

M is good at selecting just the right berries. He's getting faster in his old age too.

"What, where's MY berries?!"

Ahh, there they are. about 25 pounds in all. Yum

The finished product. Well, most of it. We left most of the Willamette Red raspberries to eat fresh. The rest are in the dehydrator and the rest of the blackberries are in the freezer. The jars are full of blackberry jelly. I decided to go to the work (and mess-hence the title) to make strain out the seeds this year. It turned out well. And so I wish I had about 4 times as much. M ate a jar of it already. The sneak.

For your viewing pleasure--I taught M how to use the close up feature on the camera. Not as nice as what Dad's new camera, but..

Funny story:
When we first started picking in the raspberries, G kept coming back from way down the row with a few berries. I thought he was just wandering and finding easy pickings. He kept saying, "want me get more in the bin?" And I'd agree. He would pour his berries into the bucket in the wagon, and then go get more. When we worked our way down to where he had been, I discovered his secret. Someone had been picking flats of berries and leaving them sporadically on the ground. Smart kid. He really had found some easy pickings!


PapaCoyote said...

What do the blueberries cost a pound? Oh, G, hope you don't get caught heisting somebody's berries.

RasJane said...

99 cents a pound at that place on the hill we took you to last year. Cool, huh?