Tuesday, August 07, 2007


113 pounds of peaches! I just wish I could transmit the smell of the back of our truck right now across the net. It is heavenly. So far I've put 12 peaches in the dehydrator and about 20 into the sauce pot for peach butter. 1/2 box down, gobs to go. I'll can a bunch since the boys love those, make some more peach butter and dehydrate the rest. I just have to dig out the big dehydrator and wash it up. It's been in the garage too long. I think I also need to have some of the screens fixed.
I also have a bunch of cukes again so I need to make more pickles. Yum. I might try fermented pickles again. I did do something to the other batch. It grew mold and got slimy, so I threw it out. Yuck. Sorry, Alisa, but we just love pickles. And, hey, aren't you supposed to like pickles now? Like with peanut butter and ice cream or something? Just kidding. Send me your address and I'll send you dried peaches instead, 'k? Dad, you have to just drive your little ol' self to Oregon to get your peach butter. If you hurry, I'll make peach pie.

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