Monday, August 13, 2007

The fun begins

Ikea is here! Yippee!
So now we have all new furniture for the south wall of our house. Our dining room and living room are kinda the same room and share one long uninterrupted wall. I'm very excited to be replacing the furniture. It's good enough and has served us well for 11 years and countless moves. I think I counted up 8 moves for the entertainment center. One of them involved getting dropped out of the back of the truck and getting rolled down the hill to our apartment. Gotta love EQ.
Anyway, the new furniture is home and waiting to be put to use. We've gotten pretty far in the cleaning and clearing stage. C put all the books in two of the new bookcases so we have a hint of what it will all look like when it's done. I also moved out the old pantry and scooted the cupboard we used for homeschool materials over to the pantry location. Now I just have to put all the food back away. Whew. A few more days and it should look pretty decent. Right now it looks awful of course. There are so many piles of stuff everywhere. And it's tricky to get from the door to the rest of the house. But, it will all come together and look good right?
I do have piles of books I really don't need anymore though. Any takers??

The Before Pictures

I never really appreciated how bad it looks until I see a picture. 99% of that is my lousy housekeeping I admit.

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PapaCoyote said... I missing something here? Like, the after pictures. Hmmmm. You go, Girl!! Make a human conveyor belt out of those men in the house and move that stuff.