Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gift ideas for the boys

I can either make a list or link list but can't seem to do both. So, I'm making this post so I can link to it from the boys' lists. Make sense? OK
For M-
He is a scientist and loves science books. Lately he has really enjoyed the Usborne science books (history too) that are internet linked.
Letterboxing is something that we have done, but not as much as we would like. A letterboxing kit could include a compass, a small notebook, a small stamp and fun stamp pad, a pencil and maybe an orienteering book.
Books on CD are fabulous gifts. He would also enjoy an MP3 player (doesn't have to be top of the line) with audiobooks or a subscription to audible.com
He also wants a watch. A cool one that lights up when you push a button, cuz all my friends have watches." What was I thinking?! Almost 9 and no watch? What kinda mom am I?
M could also really use new hiking and camping gear. He grew himself right out of his sleeping bag, and pretty much trashed it in the process. There goes that hand-me-down idea.
Rain gear--I almost forgot about that. He's grown out of all the rain gear.

For G-
We really need more books for kids his age which depict kids in normal situations with skin colors other than pale pink. He loves pointing out kids in the books we have that have darker skins and saying, "like me!"
A sheet set that has fun things on it like fish, trains, race cars etc. NOT DISNEY I really don't want my kids sleeping in an advertisement.
One of those small bikes with the training wheels that come off. I can totally see him going 2 wheeler by next summer.
Also, rain gear. We don't have much rain gear in his size (3-4T). Probably because M didn't enjoy sitting in puddles as much as G seems to.

For baby-
Really mostly what I need are a cosleeper or other small bedside bassinet thing, and diapers. Most of my diapers have not made it though to a 3rd child very well. Granted they've done well considering many of them were slapped together or hand-me-downs to begin with. So prefolds, fitteds, pockets--whatever. In fact, I've got lots of fabric and notions and patterns. If someone wants to sew for me, knock yourself out!

I will add to these later, the kids are fighting over the computer...


Jennifer said...

Hi Sarah! For book ideas for G, there is a Shelfari group called "Shades of Love" that is all kids books that either depict or talk about diversity. You might want to check it out at: http://www.shelfari.com/groups/10553/about

MMM&M said...

you know, I have wanted to try letterboxing with Matthew--- I think he would LOVE that. currently, he is big into outer space--- he recently got a telescope & is out looking @ the stars every night.