Thursday, August 30, 2007


One of my big concerns with having a baby around is the lack of time to prepare food. Most people can have someone bring in a meal, or even swing by somewhere and get take-out. Not us. We have to deal with allergies to gluten, milk, eggs, nuts, corn, potato, sesame and other sensitivities. Eating out is a mine field. And the time it would take to teach someone to cook for us is well, it would just be easier to do it myself. So I decided to be smart and pre-prepare some food to have on hand to get me through the rough days. I am so proud of my accomplishments. I didn't get everything on my list done, but when I see what I did get done, I'm pretty happy. Besides, I can make a few really big meals the next few days and throw 1/2 in the freezer.
Here's my list of foods I have made in the last 2 days:
Meatballs-5 pkg
Cream of mushroom soup-6pkgs
honey mustard chicken-5pkgs
stuffed pork loin slices-7pkgs
chiken coconut curry-3pkgs
marinated pork strips-4pkgs
biscuit mix-2 gallon bags
pancake mix-1 gallon bag
pizza crust-5
spaghetti sauce-3 quart jars
chicken veggie soup-7 quart jars

There are no complete meals, but all I really have to do is crack open a pack of frozen veggies (from my well stocked freezer) and make noodles or rice. Even M can make dinner! I'm feeling much better now.

And, in the more good news department. Our birthmom has already been to the hospital with contractions, so our placing agency was getting a little antsy about paperwork. I wasn't really getting anwhere with our in-state agency so had placing agency call them directly. Worked like a charm. Last night our social worker came by to do the homestudy update interview and walk through. All we need to wait for now is our background checks to clear. Yay!!!
I got an email from in-state agency. To quote, "We are getting there! If this homestudy is completed within the next two weeks it will be the quickest one we have done since I have been with the agency – completely due to your diligence and tenacity in getting the paperwork in!" In other words, I've been a b**** to work with, but it's getting things done. I just want to say though, "IF?!" Of course it's gonna get done. That's my positive mantra for now. It's gonna get done.


Lanna said...

I am so impressed with your food prepping! If I manage to make leftovers that actually get eaten I feel totally accomplished. Then again, you've seen the typical british freezer size, right? I have day dreams of the Sears appliance department, it's pretty sad..

I'm also impressed with your tenacity. You're definitely the person to send in when things need getting done.

Just remembered something sweet I wanted to share. Yesterday we went to the beach and at one point J came up to me crying his little eyes out. Some kid had flung a wee glob of wet sand on his pants. It turns out that he was completely devastated because they were those blue pants you made him and he was afraid that they would be stained. They're *really* special to him apparently! Fortunately, the sand just brushed off and he was content to go play again. :)

RasJane said...

That is so sweet. I'm so glad he likes the pants. Maybe someday I'll even get around to sewing for them again. *sigh*
Yeah I guess I can get things done when I really want to, it just takes some serious motivation. Really, there is a reason I never did post a before picture of my sewing room!