Monday, August 27, 2007

Family Picture

Aren't we cute?

I scrambled all over the day of our pictures looking for coordinating outfits that were the right colors, no tears, no logos, no stripes and all the other "no-no's" for family pictures. I couldn't find a thing. I considered running to the store to buy some things to round out the picture. Then I stopped. "Wait," I said to myself. "This is a family picture that is supposed to be a way to capture us in 2007. If I have to go and buy clothes, it's not really an expression of us." I realized that we already had coordinating outfits that are very "us." So I made sure all they tie dye was clean and found some jeans without too many holes and we were good to go. I think we're pretty darn good looking personally.
Grammas, I have copies for you.


MMM&M said...

great photo!!!! I think the tie-die was a great idea..

Jennifer said...

Cute! I love the tie-dye! You have a great-looking family. :)