Monday, April 02, 2007

Finished outfits!

So that one innocent use-the-stash-shirt sorta snowballed. Now we have two outfits. Well, I did use fabric almost exclusively out my stash. I had to buy the yellow for G's pants as I don't normally have a lot of yellow. That should be changing really since orange and yellow are his 2 fave colors. M likes his sailor look. He also likes the fact he can go from pants to shorts in just a minute without having the extra leg pieces to find something to do with like the zip-off kind. All the patterns are from Ottobre 3-2006. I really want to buy more issues, but have told myself I need to sew enough from this one to justify the $20 I spent on it. Although if I was buying Burda or something, it would cost me that much for just 2 patterns. I'll sew up some more pants for the kids and a baby gift, and maybe a dress for my niece, and call it good.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Yah! A couple snazzy looking denizens on Ivy. Nice job RasJane.

Yips and howls from Papa Coyote