Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy belated Easter

Grandma puts chocolate in Easter eggs. How cool is that? Grandma R was in town for a couple of weeks taking care of Aunt J. It was fun to get to spend more time with her. And they both came over for dinner. So much fun to share a good meal with people you love.

And then there was Easter afternoon. Where we tried to see how wet we could get. The street in front of our house is not graded very well in one spot. Right in front of our neighbor's driveway the water collects up to 6" or so. Then it eventually runs down to the grate in front of our driveway. The boys have a blast running through all the water. They also "help" it by running the lenth of street between the puddle and the grate, pushing the water towards the grate. They use shovels, feet, sticks, etc.. Sometimes they build dams with the neighbor kids. That's one I probably need a picture of too.

It's blurry, but I needed a picture to remind myself in my later years just how they got that much water inside the boots. After this, they proceeded into the garden for some good ol' mud time. When G finally came inside, his boots were completely full of water and so was every stitch of clothing. For not being absorbant, polar fleece pants can sure hold a heck of a lot of mud and water!

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