Monday, April 16, 2007

Tie Dye Party

Dad does the fixer dip while M waits to put his shirt in.

Neighbor J holds up his daughter's shirt. Looks a bit skeptical I think :) All turned out well in the end and everyone likes their shirts.

The finished items. They really did turn out well. I did a shirt, M and G each did 2 and they also did an apron apiece. We got all the supplies from Dharma Trading Co. We've used their stuff before and really like them. I'd like to try silk painting someday. They also have stuff to do sunpainting on fabric. I think the kids would get a kick out of that too.

All in all it was a good weekend. We had the tie dye party, got a bunch of digging the garden done, had a good friend over to share a good dinner on Saturday and the boys and I made it to the zoo while C worked on some paperwork. Now we face a new week. I have a dress to fix for said dear friend by friday. Lots of Village Home stuff and the rest of life.

We are having a bit a Narnian week. We got a Narnia cookbook from the library. I made turkish delight--something M has been asking for forever. It's really quite good. A little sweet for my taste. I may try to find a recipe that uses syrup so I can use rice syrup or agave maybe. Next, M wants to plan a dinner so we can have a good Narnian supper. And I promised him a Narnia birthday party quite some time ago which never happened. Maybe we'll have a just because summer party. I could even make it a bit service-y and we could request people bring donations to the local shelter or something. Hmmm. I have a feeling this summer is going to go by in a flash!


PapaCoyote said...

Quite the rainbow of colors there. Did G get a bright yellow shirt to die dye orange?

Anonymous said...

No, he got 2 white shirts. One is now orange, lt green and forest green
the other is yellow, orange, blue and red (I think)

Anonymous said...

Heya. Rena reminded me of your blog's location :)

Gorgeous shirts.

My sister, also a Narnia fan, was so let down when she tried turkish delight. My father-in-law likes the stuff, so I attemped to make some for Christmas. It only took 3 tries of different recipes :P. With orange flower water and candied orange peel, it wasn't horrible..still not really my style. I think you're going to just have to experiment with the syrups, given how hard it was to find a working recipe for regular turkish delight!

A related home-ed topic of interest might be how british city children had to be sent to the countryside during the war. I never learned about that in school since, you know, we didn't get blitzed, but it's a good non-carnage-filled (well..) example of how war effects kids.

Have you let Michsel watch LWW? We got the dvd for Christmas, and I'm still debating it...I saw it in the theatre, and I wonder if Nyss in particular is going to be offended at the carnage. She doesn't even like watching Dr. Who..

If you want anything brought back, email quick. Did you want some spinning fibre? Cadbury chocolate to hide in the closet and eat? ;)

I just noticed I naturally spell words with 're' instead of 'er'. Ew, hehe.