Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring is Here!

The magnolia grove, upper part. I forgot to take pictures lower down where there were more blooms. Oh well.

Yesterday, C had a day off work. So we thought about doing yard work. But then it turned into such an awesome day we decided to play instead. We headed up to Hoyt Arboretum for a hike amongst the trees. We were afraid we had missed the blooms, but we just caught them. The blossoms were starting to fall from the magnolias. The show was gorgeous nonetheless. And it was a clear enough day for a view of Mt. St. Helens.
We hadn't been on many hikes last year because G was too big to carry, and too little to do much hiking. This year should be great for hiking with him. He had fun yesterday with his big boy backpack.

One of Oregononian's favorite flowers, the Trillium. Three petals, three leaves. And so pretty.

The big kid on the move. I tried to get him to say "hi" but he would just poke his hand back and finger wave at me. I guess he was just too busy. Of course, it wasn't too long before he didn't actually want to carry the pack anymore. It regained it's coolness factor when he discovered it was packed with a juice box, cup of fruit and his own bag of potato chips. That kid will do just about anything for potato chips. He's his momma's boy!

The "Clubhouse Tree"
This tree is actually 2 Climbing Oaks that make a cool clubhouse formation. M decided it would be just the tree to plant in our backyard. Then we talked about how we would have no backyard left if we did that. Oh, well.

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Anonymous said...

One always can appreciate the weight of the backpack when one's food is involfed, right G? Now the big tree in the backyard really has a lot of merit. Less yard to mow. That is good for Dad. More time to play with the kids. Thanks for the pics. They were fun to look at.

Grandpa Coyote