Friday, April 13, 2007

L's new dress

I happen to have the cutest niece anyone has ever had. I know this because I am her aunt, she has another aunt who agrees with me, AND her grandparents agree. That many people can't be wrong, right?
So, with all my boy sewing, I had been looking through my fabric quite a bit. Naturally I had not been able to use this adorable floral in the boys shorts, but it was calling to me. There are lots of darling little girl patterns in the Ottobre magazine. So L gets this one. I had to buy ric-rac and buttons (I know Mom, I should have called you and asked for ric-rac, but I forgot until I had already bought it) but the fabric was already owned. Yeah! I'm making progress. Of course, I did then go and buy fabric for pants and shorts. But I don't have much bottom weight fabric.
Anyway, L will get a new dress from Aunt S soon and look cute, as usuall.

For the sewers out there, this is from Ottobre 3/2006. It is a combination of 2 of the dresses in size 86. I used the plain sleeves and the rounded collar. The pinafore has ribbon and buttons for the fasteners. And since I ran out of the floral, the inside of the front top part is green dress fabric. It was tight as I have no scraps left. But it was a great way to use up scraps.

Back view

Just the dress.


mermaids said...

that is so sweet! ottobre knows how to design for a little girl.


Jeanninemccloskey said...

Very cute. I am sure your neice will look adorable in it. I have to look at that pattern again.

Linda said...

Lovely combination of fabrics and styles, very sweet!