Thursday, April 26, 2007

2 yards down, 9998 to go (give or take)

These got really wrinkled in the wash and I refuse to iron kids clothes, soooo
But, M has new pants. I modified #29 from the 3/06 issue of Ottobre. I lengthened the shorts and left off all hardware. I also topstitched the pockets before sewing them on. He really likes pull on pants, so I thought this would be a nice compromise between pull on and a little nicer looking. I only had this issue at this point. 1/06 just arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm really excited to have lots of great boy clothes to sew. And sew and sew and sew. Now if I can just limit myself to stash fabric for awhile that would help immensely.

Front view-plain-plain

Back view. He really likes these pockets that are set in the yoke. They are really easy to sew too. No pinning and checking to make sure all is even on both sides. Just sew and go. I let M pick out the topstitch thread too. Of course he picked some random cheap thread that I will now throw the rest of away. Yes, cheap thread does make a difference! Next time I will only offer him choices from thread that is nice to sew with.


mollie said...

those look GREAT!!! MK also loves pull-on pants-- much prefers them to button up or snap up..

do you take requests from the audience? I would love to see a photo of your sewing area.. do you leave it "set up" all the time? Mine is in one of those cheapo sewing cabinet type things, so it is hidden away. however, I have found that this means it is a production to actually DO something.. I really, really, really want a sewing/craft type room..

RasJane said...

Show a picture??!! My sewing room is the messiest room I have ever seen in my entire existence. I'm afraid pictures are currently out of the ? Let's just say it is a production for me to sew something too, even though I have the domain of an entire bedroom in our house.
But I may take requests....If it uses up fabric I already have ;)