Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, Same Old Us

Happy New Year.
We did nothing special and C actually went to work today for the 
peace and quiet I suspect. He is trading today for an extra day of 
vacation later on.
I can't even think of any resolutions that I have a prayer of keeping, 
so I think I'll skip thattradition and save my sanity.
Cute story, yesterday, the boys were sitting on the couch.
M put blankets over his brother and himself.  He then said, "G., I
want to tell you a story.  Once, I didn't have a brother.  Then
Mommy and Daddy went to get you.  They called my on the phone to 
tell me you were born. I cheered so loud because I was so happy to 
have a brother.  Now I sometimes cheer when I get to be away from you
for awhile."  Umm, how sweet? 
Now they are actually trying to play nice with each other.
We are getting closer to potty training!  G ran around this morning au naturale and remembered
to head to the potty on his own.  He did fine until he got cold and asked for training pants.  Seems as long as he is wearing something, he forgets about the potty.  We may need to keep limping along until it warms up again.  I am optomistic about finishing this up before his 3rd birthday though (cross my fingers).
This weekend we finally got up to Milagros up in NE Portland.  They have all kinds of natural family living products so I got 2 new diaper covers.  One plain and one froggy print.  I actually managed to restrain myself and not buy any AIO which I want sooo bad.  Good me!  Of course I could just sew my own.  But that would involve cleaning my sewing room to the point I could get any sewing done!

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