Monday, January 08, 2007

And just how big is this mouth? Big enough to hold an entire large bouncy ball. Big enough for the "child safe" Tomy balls. Big enough for nearly an entire baby bowl of noodles--in one bite.

A new wagon for Christmas and G knows just what to do with it.
Get brother to pull it!
They have spent hours playing outside with this wagon.
As long as the weather is okay anyway.

We had a fairly decent weekend. I got my new skirt almost done. As soon as it is hemmed and pressed, I'll get a picture posted. M got to go to the machine shop with Dad and make a charm for a friend of ours. He had a great time watching dad use the machines and getting to help design a real metal project.
G stayed in the nursery without mom and dad at church. Whoo Hooo! We'll see if it lasts, but it was nice to sit and listed to an entire lesson with other grownups, rather than following a 2 year old through the halls.

I also managed to get the homeschool cupboard organized. The craft and science stuff was totally unmanageable. I took it all out and piled it on the floor (much to G's delight!) to sort it. Then it was off to the Container Store. For less than $40, I have a totally organized cupboard and the stuff is easy for the kids to get out and put away. Next project is the pantry shelves. I may need more than a day for that. And babysitting

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