Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here is a story written by M. He is 8 and loves Playmobil. I finally got him to tell a story by telling me what it would be like for his Playmobil people to be alive in our house. This was the result.

Once there were 2 playmobil guys named Joe and Sam who got left downstairs at night. They always lived upstairs in the bin. They had a base in a plastic shoebox with a lid. They started out on a hovercraft with wheels. They could go on land and in water.. They started going out past a big, huge piece of cloth. It was 50 times bigger than their own clothes. It was Dad's pants.

They looked out accross a huge, enormous, giant thing. It was a big as the pacific ocean. It was all water. They went accross it in their hovercraft. They looked out and saw a perfect round island. It was the biggest, hugest thing they had ever seen. It had ancient words written on it. It had a perfect circle in the center. They went circling the island. Suddenly a big, mountain size monster came up. It was picking up other Playmobil things off the floor like it was a smidget. They started flying their boat to get away from it. It started following them up the mountain.

They went as fast as they could and started flying up, up, up. They flew and flew and flew until they got to our table. To them it was the hugest, strangest mountain they had ever seen. The phone book was on the table and they were amazed at the size. They saw a giant fork and got scared and took off flying again. This time they went higher. Higher than they had ever been before.

Sam says, "Joe, I'm getting scared. Let's go back to that well place."

Joe steered the boat back. He went down and landed with a plop.

Actually a great wide river was breaking away the island. A monster was there pushing it until they were pushed into the sea. When the floated around they saw a captured Playmobil person. He was trapped. So they saved him. His name was Zookeeper. They started flying again with Zookeeper in the boat. Zookeeper didn't have a hat and life vest like Sam and Joe. He got cold. Sam and Joe were happy to have a companion.

They took off flying from a big mountain. They went up and noticed a bigh thing and it started turning on. It was full of colors. Then they flew over to another thing that they didn't know what it was. It turned on and it scared them.

Then then landed on a big thing. It was greyish and whitish. It was huge and was rectangle shaped. It had a huge hole in it. The were scared of it so they flew away.

They ran into a monster that started spitting on them. They tried to signal into its eyes with their mirror. He took it from them and chased them. They flew up higher and higher. Finally the monster went away.

Finally they landed on a place they didn't understand. It was green and squishy and had pink and white flowers on it. It was next to a big purple plastic container that had a big hook on it. The hook had written on it, "Press to close, LIft to open." They lifted it and inside they were amazed. They saw dozens of jewels and gold. They took as much as they could.

They flew back to base camp with the boat full. They put on their lid and they were home.

The End

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L, J, and N said...

Cool story! We especially liked the part about dad's pants! Hehehe.