Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's raining again today, but yesterday we had a patch of sun.
So I sent the boys out to play in the backyard with the neighbors.
Our yard is a total bog and now I have laundry to do.
G still thinks he can sit down in the grass and play with his toys.
Inside, I feel like we have puddles of toys. I had to go looking for one of G's toys. It took me forever to go through the boxes. I want to throw out a bunch of them, but I know how I would have felt when I was young if my mom had said she was throwing out a bunch of my toys. I think she just got us excited about the yard sale each year. I wanted to have one last year but it never happened. Maybe I can be more dedicated to the idea this year and tell M it is a way to make cold hard cash.Perhaps I can have a good enough yard sale to finally clean out the garage and make it easier to move at some point. Maybe?


MMM&M said...

hey S, I snuck over here from Kelly's blog, hahah.. your boys are getting so BIG!!!! hey, email me at (I couldn't find your email address, sorry!), and I'll send you an invite to my blog.

Dad said...

Fun to read your blog. The pictures are really appreciated. I see the western slope of the Oregon Cascades had 50" of rain in November setting an all time record. No wonder your yard is a bog. You might want to invest in a family set of inflatable pontoon boats. Now, if you had a mature tree or trees in your yard, you could build a tree house. Michael would love dinner in his tree house. Love ya, Dad