Monday, January 15, 2007

Grandpa Came!

We were very excited when my dad called to say he would be coming to visit.
He got here Friday and left Sunday morning. He and M got the idea to go skating. It didn't work out quite the way they intended. First, the skates didn't fit Dad so I had to go. That meant two of us on the ice who had never been skating before. I surprised myself and actually did OK. M just couldn't get it at all. He even had a hard time hanging onto the ledge and we gave up. But now we can say we've been on the ice.

Putting the skates on. They were very tight.

Letting go is hard to do--especially when the fall is hard!

But we still had some fun!

Papa had some time to read some good books with the boys


Mollie said...

you know, I haven't taken the kids ice skating, but Matthew has a terrible time roller-skating! he doesn't like it, and hasn't (yet) gotten the hang of it, which surprises me! so, tell M he isn't alone!

RasJane said...

I will tell him. He was pretty upset it didn't go the way he had imagined. Such is life!

Anonymous said...

Papa had a good time, too. Pretty Coyote of him to get out of the ice skating gig, don't you think?